Luxury caravan or motorhome?

Active leisure time away from the hotels, guesthouses and travel agents are associated with many dilemmas. Keen amateurs of caravanning in the first years of their adventures consider renting or buying their own caravan or motorhome. Later, when the passion is growing, and the budget allows the purchase of new equipment, new dilemmas appear: luxury caravan or motorhome?

The number of answers to this question is equal to the number of caravanners. Each of us has different preferences, requirements and nature. Equally important are the qualifications - driving license categories. Undoubtedly both the motorhome and caravan have many advantages and disadvantages associated with them.

What are the advantages of owning a caravan?

Let's start from the caravan, which is much more popular form of a mobile home. Already at the beginning the caravan seems to win over the motorhome with the price. When purchasing a richly equipped caravan with lots of extras and facilities we have to prepare much smaller funds. What's more – when we are going on vacation with motorhome we’re not doomed to use public transport, bikes or motorbikes from rentals. After pitching the caravan and vestibule at the campsite we can still use the car. Additionally, the construction of caravan allows us to use the entire space of it - the manufacturer doesn’t have to worry about the location of drive unit and other things related to it. The last of the major advantages of caravans are low maintenance costs, that usually concern only cleaning and service of onboard devices.

On the other hand – when choosing a motorhome we gain a greater mobility when traveling. Many of us have experienced difficult and stressful moments when passing through crowded cities or holiday resorts in a car with a caravan. In case of motorhome you don’t have to be worried about the length of a set or overthrow on curves. A significant advantage, often emphasized by users, is the ease in moving between locations. The driver has to only go from the residential part to his cab (the vestibule has to be folded). The number of compartments, water tanks capacity and energy independence is also significantly higher than in caravans. If we don’t have an external power source, we can use the engine.

What are the disadvantages?

Lower purchase price and the subsequent operation of the caravan isn’t everything. Owners of large, luxury models are struggling with the considerable curb weight which requires a powerful tug - category B + E required. Another important obstacle are the severe limitations of speed and high fees for using motorways.

Undoubtedly, the flaws of motorhomes include high costs of purchase and use. In addition to service of on-board systems, the owner is forced to pay for the maintenance of mechanics in impeccable condition. In many models of motorhomes the leveling of living space causes a lot of problems.

In fact, it’s impossible to clearly resolve the dispute between the motorhome and caravan. It all depends on the criteria that we have, our requirements and the places we plan to visit.

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