McLouis Nevis motorhome

McLouis Nevis - interesting motorhome not only in appearance

McLouis is not a brand known in Poland, but in Italy, where it comes from. There, fans of caravanning know this name very well. Model Nevis is the only fully integrated vehicle in the offer of the company, so it can be successfully described as its flagship car.

McLouis Nevis has everything you could expect from an Italian car. For its original look, you can love it or hate it, but there’s no way you could not notice it. The attention to detail can be found both in its appearance, as well as inside.

Nevis - Fiat with McLouis bodywork

Structurally Nevis is a Fiat Ducato with changed bodywork. It is worth mentioning, that although the motorhome is several years old, in 2013 the structure of the building has been changed. Currently, the body is made without wood elements. In return, the manufacturer used polyester and glass fibers. The car is insulated with a thermosetting resin. Places most exposed to mechanical stress, such as around windows and doors were additionally secured with polystyrene foam.

The car is available in seven basic variants. Each model of Nevis can be powered by a diesel engine with a capacity of 130, 150 or 180 HP. The smallest motorhome in this series measures 5,990 mm ​​in length. The longest - 7.440 mm. There is also an intermediate version of length of 6.985 mm.

Aesthetically and practically

Interior, in accordance with the current fashion, was decorated mainly in two colors - elements in walnut wood are combined with white fronts of some cabinets and white tabletop in the kitchen. The positive impression of the kitchen is influenced by the shape of the tabletop. Its gently curved in a practical shape of the letter L, with a rounded cabinet under the sink. What’s interesting is that the countertop is equipped in the covered hole, with a trash can under it.

Seats upholstery in light colors give the interior a feeling of spaciousness. The aesthetics of the design is also visible in a drop-down bed, which is suspended from the ceiling during the day. The bottom of this quite large bed (140 x 190 cm) is quilted, besides there’s a LED lamp mounted in it. A table presents equally interesting, whose leg is shaped like an inverted C. The designer’s relishes also include a glass sink in the bathroom and interesting-looking shelf above the toilet.

Interior full of ideas

Noteworthy are interesting interior arrangements. Supposedly, everything has been set according to the conventional standards, but the place seems to be better developed than in many other motorhomes. Of course, the longest versions give the most opportunities.

Nevis 878 has sliding doors, located right behind the feet of people sleeping in a big bed (142.5 x 190 cm). The doors, in which a mirror was mounted, separate the bedroom from the bathroom. Here, on one side you can find a chemical toilet, while on the other a fairly large shower tray. The sink was placed on the wall behind the bed.

In the shortest model - 832 – we can find only a suspended bed, and the bathroom is located at the end of the car. But even in this version, the bathroom is quite spacious and has a tray separated from the chemical toilet (which isn’t always a standard).

Interesting equipment

I guess we won’t find any reason to complain about the equipment. In the kitchen, Nevis may have not only an elegant 3-burner stove, but also the hood and the oven, for an additional charge, of course. The standard goes with 160-liter fridge with separate freezer, a 110-liter clean water container, 100-liter container for sewage, heating Truma Combi 4 or 6 (depending on version), touch screen control panel with internal temperature sensor, and a few cabinets for clothes. The larger models are available with a garage or storage, which can be opened from both sides of the body. Access to all compartments is possible also from the inside.

At first, it may seem that McLouis Nevis is a very typical motorhome that distinguishes with the original front part of the bodywork. However, the more precisely you look at it, the more features you discover. They prove, that it’s a well-considered and very practical vehicle. It turns out that this Italian has not only a pleasing exterior, but also a very interesting interior.


2020.02.05 21:25
Can , t find replacement drivers mirror and passenger mirror , any ideas where I can get them