Mercedes Zetros - the most extreme motorhome

Mercedes Zetros Motorhome Mercedes Zetros Motorhome

Such vehicles were invented primarily for the military and their designers probably thought that they won’t have any civil applications. But wasn’t it like that with the Internet? Its creators also thought that such invention won’t be useful for mere mortals.

Mercedes-Benz Zetros is a combination of Actros tractor and off-road Unimog. The "tourist" versions are prepared by Hartmann company, while the interior design is done by Huenerkopf. There’re so many options available that the only limitation is probably the imagination. Well, and the laws of physics.

Two businessmen from Mongolia, as they live in Ulan Bator, demonstrated the abilities of their imagination. In the north of their country, winter temperature reaches minus 35 degrees, and they wanted their vehicles be appropriate both when hunting in the mountains of Altai, and during the trip to the desert. So they needed extreme vehicles, with outstanding thermal insulation, ready to tackle in any terrain and in all weather conditions. Therefore, it was obvious that they bought one Zetros for each.

Powerful monster

Throwing a glance on these vehicles is enough to consider them as true monsters. Just look at the tires - 16.00R20. The shorter Zetros has a length of 10.7 meters. The second is about 60 cm longer because of the garage, which can fit in a quad. Vehicles are 2.7 m wide and 4.2 m high.

Living area has a "sandwich" construction. The walls, roof and floor are made of one piece of material, which had to be a technological challenge considering the size of vehicle. The structure has been reinforced profiles and insulated with polyurethane foam. For proper insulation, windows have received a double glazing. The monster is heated with a system powered by fuel.

Marble in the shower

Inside we can expect an absolute luxury, including a marble floor and underfloor heating in the bathroom. The shower cabin was obviously separated from the toilet. The bathroom has a toilet, bidet, sink and 3-part mirror on the door of the cabinet. 20-liter boiler takes care of hot water in the kitchen and bathroom. If the owners are under favorable latitude, they can use the shower outdoors.

In the kitchen we‘ll find a ceramic hob, microwave with grill, fridge with freezer, as well as bar and coffee maker. All the furniture - both in the kitchen and in other rooms - have been designed specifically for the use in tropical and desert areas.

High voltage

Each room has its own air-conditioning control. In the living room you can sit in leather chairs and watch satellite TV or DVD movies on one of the TVs. One, 46-inch was placed in the living room and the second, 40-inch in the bedroom. The manufacturer used Bose sound system, while Internet connection is provided through Mac Mini. The living room also has a safe for weapons and valuables.

As there’s so much electronics on board, four batteries would be useful (220 Ah each). Besides on the roof two 80-watt solar modules were mounted.

Speaking of numbers - water tank capacity is 250 liters, waste water tank 100 liters, and two fuel tanks have a total capacity of 500 liters.

Mongolian Limousine

The car was designed as a "limousine" with the driver, that’s why the driver's cabin was separated from the residential area. Conditions in the cab are more modest, but the driver has at his disposal air conditioning, heater, rear camera display, navigation, and even a sound system with Bluetooth.

Zetros has 6x6 chassis with a load capacity of 16 tons. Wheelbase amounts 5,350 mm. The drive is provided by a high-pressure 6-cylinder unit with a capacity of 7.2-liter and 326 hp.

The cars can deal with very hard areas, which is ensured by extremely resistant suspension, with bridges suspended on leaf springs. Locks in each vehicle provide an additional convenience. The presented monsters should easily deal with water tanks with a depth of 80 cm.

Travel in such a "limousine" will be surely interesting!

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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