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Mini-caravans - a handy hotel

Mini-Caravan Mini-Caravan www.mini-caravans.com

Neat, agile, lightweight – ideal for spontaneous holidays. Slovak caravans offered under the brand Mini-caravans fit here perfectly. They have only most important things, but if you don’t want to take your whole house with you, perhaps it’s a good option for you.

In its offer, the Slovak company has 6 basic models. They don’t differ too much from each other. All of them are just small caravans that primarily provide a place to stay.

If you want to have a real house on wheels, this proposal isn’t for you. However, if during the summer expedition the most important thing for you is to have a place to sleep, you may be pleasantly surprised.


The most interesting vehicle in Mini-caravans offer is the model Wave. It’s a caravan entirely designed and manufactured in Slovakia. Its total weight amounts only 190 kg, so you can hook it up even to a motorcycle! Wave has a modern, streamlined shape and tinted windows with irregular shapes.

The maximum permissible weight of the caravan amounts 750 kg. The vehicle is 360 cm long, and the living area measures 235.5 cm. The overall height is 160 cm, while the interior height - 107 cm. The width amounts 180 cm.


The basis in the offer of the Slovak company is still a classic model - a typical teardrop caravan, which, as the name suggests, has a shape of a teardrop. Alpha has a large bedroom, which provides an accommodation for up to three people. The caravan has a ventilation system and quite a lot of storage space. It can also be equipped with modern audio system. In the rear of the vehicle, which is separated from the sleeping area, the manufacturer placed a fully equipped kitchen. There we’ll find a sink, refrigerator, gas stove and a set of cabinets.

The caravan weighs 400 kg, and its permissible maximum weight amounts 750 kg. Width: 204 cm, total length: 380 cm, length of the living area: 260 cm. Alpha is 167 cm high, but inside the height amounts only 99 cm.

Other models

The other models are Alpha Cargo (Alpha, which is designed to carry goods rather than to sleep in), Escape (in addition to a large sleeping area and the amount of space, it also has a transformer 230/12 V and 12 V batteries), Buddy (the smallest caravan - 321 cm long) and Freerider.

The latter deserves a special attention because it’s an off-road version of the "teardrop", equipped with giant tires 235/75 R15. The curb weight of the caravan amounts 490 kg and width 220 cm. The interior height: 107 cm. The external height: 120 cm. This caravan measures 395 cm.

Additional equipment

Handles for bicycles, motorbikes holder, solar panels – these are now quite obvious accessories.

The most interesting, however, is Park Drive - Assistant. It allows you to control the caravan with a remote control! As explained by the manufacturer "it’s an auxiliary system driven by additional engines, which are powered by the battery and controlled remotely. Just sit back, relax, press a button and that’s it. "

For an additional charge we also can have a heating powered with gas, gasoline or diesel fuel, as well as an awning, or rather - a large vestibule. Customers can order a caravan in any color, and even to put some graphics on it.

And if anyone is still not convinced, whether to buy this mini-caravan, can rent it for the price of 30 or 35 euros per night. This option is offered by the manufacturer himself. For more information please visit Mini-Caravans website. If you are planning on going to Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf this year, you can visit Mini-Caravans stand in hall 5.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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