Motor Show 2014

Motor Show 2014 for active people

If you like to spend time actively, during the fair Motor Show 2014 you could find a lot of automotive inspiration. Motorhomes and caravans are only a part of the offer for those, for whom long expeditions are the meaning of life or at least are its very important part.

Not only the Caravanning Exhibition was full of attractions. We also visited other expositions available within the fair Motor Show 2014, to find vehicles that may come in handy during outdoor activities.

Volkswagen once again showed his model T5 California Beach, probably because the car has always aroused a huge interest. The model presented this year is not only equipped with lifted roof made of fabric, where you can organize a place to sleep, but was also equipped with a rack for four bikes mounted on the tailgate. The model presented during the fair featured a 2 –liter, BiTDI engine with 180 HP, coupled with a 7-speed gearbox.

Who likes to ride through the wild roads or plans trips to places that are hard to reach, would appreciate the Volkswagen Amarok Canyon. A powerful pickup equipped with roof reflectors was really impressive.

Even bigger interest aroused a huge, 3-axle Mercedes G63, enhanced by tuning company AMG. Pickup with 6x6 drive should handle almost all conditions, even where it would be hard to speak about any road at all.

Motor Show 2014

Who likes an off-road drive, could take a ride (unfortunately only as a passenger) in Jeep Wrangler through special, metal structures. Very high and steep uphill road, then descent, and then other stunts, which can be handled only by a special roadster, provided many unforgettable moments for daredevils.

You could also test - again as a passenger - Skoda Yeti of new generation. During the ride with an instructor you could see how this universal car copes with a steep uphill road, descent, water or unevenness. Of course, the tests turned out very successful each time.

Who prefers a quieter holiday, could get acquaint with interesting vans, such as Ford Tourneo Connect or Mercedes V-Class presented for the first time. In its equipment you will find a table and swivel chairs, which from the very beginning make it a good base for a tourist vehicle.

If you are going on a long journey, you may have a problem with packing the luggage. In this case, caravan Mox may turn out very practical. This model is manufactured in Poland, always manually and only on request. Thanks to this each unit may be different and customized to individual needs.

The shape resembling a drop of water, the door opening up an interesting lights design, two wheel axles - all this makes the vehicle very original. And with a weight of approximately 350 kg it can be towed either by car or by motorcycle. Initially it was created in the view of Honda Goldwing. In the basic version such design can cost 39 thousands PLN (approx. 9 400 EUR).

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