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Motorhome Carthago C-Line - new generation of chic

Motorhome Carthago C-Line Motorhome Carthago C-Line Carthago

In the middle of Carthago offers there’s a model Chic C-line. Recently, the manufacturer unveiled the second generation of a fully integrated model of motorhome. The basis is, as usual, Fiat Ducato, but who doesn’t know it, won’t recognize it from the outside.

After 10 years, Chic C-line lived to see major changes. From the outside, the most striking is the new grille. Large air intake makes that the motorhome looks a bit menacing. Large panoramic windshield (9 inches higher than in the previous generation) and bus side mirrors encourage the driver to move off the road. The manufacturer claims that higher glass improves visibility diagonally upwards, which is useful when you want to see if the red light has already changed into green.

Large beds and tanks

The bed above front seats in the new model has record dimensions of 1.950 x 1.600 mm. However, we are more surprised with fresh water container that holds up to 170 liters! Sewage tank has a capacity of 110 liters, but can optionally be replaced with a 150-liter one.

On board there’re two gel batteries (80 Ah each), which will allow for a significant independence from external power sources. Inside, there’re of course sockets 230 V and 12 V. At the request you can have solar panels.

In the storage compartments under the floor we can store items, but thanks to them we have an access to tanks and valves. Storage compartments accessible from the outside are heated, and the door have double seals. Garage with a height of 118 cm is hardy and heated.

Spacious and bright

Inside the motorhome you may be surprised with the amount of space around the table. L-shaped couch, side seats and swivel seats for driver and front passenger can accommodate probably about two people more than indicated 5. It should also be noted that the vehicle is high enough, so that persons with a height of 198 cm will be able to move around inside in the upright position.

The novelties include a very extensive system of LED lighting. Lamps, small reading lights, strips - there is plenty of light points. Some actually have to provide more light (eg. above the kitchen worktop), other only provide a special atmosphere. For even better results, the car has a light dimmer, and the lighting was divided into zones: entrance hall, living room, bedroom.

Innovative options

An interesting fact is that the driver's cockpit constitutes a heating surface – it can become a kind of "radiator" for the interior of the vehicle. The main heating in the car at a standstill provides system Truma Combi 6.

In the kitchen it’s worth paying attention to the hood with ventilation, or a coffee maker available for a surcharge. The standard goes with a self-closing drawers. Furniture fronts throughout the motorhome are made of wood. In contrast, the structure of the vehicle itself is completely wood-free.

Quality has its price

Chic C-line is available in five different lengths - 6.850 mm, 7.260 mm, 7.390 mm​​, 7.450 mm and 7.470 mm. In two longest versions toilet with wash basin was separated from the shower, which is an independent room.

The standard permissible gross weight amounts 3.5 tons, but for an additional charge it can be increased up to 4.5 tonnes. Prices start from 83,550 euros (in Germany).

Carthago provides a 6-year warranty on the seal body with an option to extend it to 10 years.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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