Motorhome Karmann Dexter Go 600

Motorhome for two people - Karmann Dexter Go!

What takes the most space in motorhome? Probably the seats! And what if we reduce their number to two? That's what the designers of Dexter Go! 600 decided to do.

The majority of motorhomes is designed for two parents and two kids. Next, there are versions for a larger or smaller number of passengers. Karmann has changed this approach. The company prepared a camping vehicle based on van, from the beginning designed as a car for two.

Two seats have to be enough

In this motorhome we won’t find any sofa next to the table. Instead, we have a folding table top next to the seats in the driver’s and passenger’s cab. If you want to eat something, just turn the seats around.

Dexter Go! 600 has two separate beds placed in the back of the cabin. Those are fixed beds (with dimensions of 1,960 mm x 1,030 mm or 1,900 mm x 930 mm), but they can also be folded, by putting mattresses against the side walls, for example, if there’s a need to carry some large items (such as bicycles). The beds can be installed along the driving direction or transversely.

Between the seats and bed there’s a wedge-shaped space. It is not big, but we're talking about a van-type of the car with a relatively short length - its total length amounts 5.99 m.

Toilet part (with shower tray as floor) was placed in the middle of the vehicle, in front of the kitchen. As a downside of the distribution of the interior we can take the fact that the table sticks to the wall of the bathroom, instead of “sticking” to the kitchen. If it was otherwise, the table top could be useful not only during meals, but also during cooking.

Large containers in the standard

The basic price of the car in Germany is 39,990 euro. The range of the standard equipment includes an 80-liter fridge, heated water and waste water container (100 liters) and a heating system Truma Combi 4. There’s also a large closet, storages under beds, 2-burner gas stove and a 10-liter boiler.

The base for Dexter Go! 600 is Fiat Ducato with an engine with 115 HP (stronger versions are available on request). Permissible gross weight is 3.5 tonnes.

Other variants

Dexter also offers two other versions of Go! Model 560 is based on Ford Transit with a length of 5,680 mm (dCi 2.2engine with 125 HP). Model 620 is based on Renault Master (engine 2.3 dCi with 125 HP) with a length of 6,198 mm. Both versions have an additional third bed in the front of the vehicle.

In case of Dexter Go! you can choose not only the type of equipment and the drive unit, but even the brand of car. That's a big plus of Karmann’s offer.

Kamper Karmann Dexter Go 600 Kamper Karmann Dexter Go 600 Kamper Karmann Dexter Go 600 Kamper Karmann Dexter Go 600