Motorhome LMC Grand Explorer

Motorhome LMC Grand Explorer

LMC – a German manufacturer of caravans and campers claims that fully-integrated Grand Explorer is its flagship model. This house on wheels is suppose to reflect the luxury, functionality and spaciousness. Let’s check if it’s true.

Grand explorer isn’t small, that’s for sure. The term “motorhome” fits here perfectly, because this vehicle measures almost 8,5 meters, and it maximum permissible weight is 5 tonnes.

Always for four

When it comes to German manufacturers, one model is usually available even in dozen or so versions. But in the case of the biggest one, LMC, we can choose from 3 versions, which differ only in small details.

The rear beds can be double or single (200x150 cm), but each variant can accommodate up to four persons, who have at their disposal also an additional double suspended bed in front of the vehicle.

Also, the arrangement of particular furniture and appliances is the same. The L-shaped kitchen is located in front of the door. On the left there’s a toilet, while the shower can be found in front of it, in a separate cabin. Between the shower and front doors there’s a place for a fridge.

Bright and spacious

The interior is dominated by light wood color with a little bit of white insertions. Upholstery can be made of fabric or two-tone leather (gray and white). The table top is white.

There’re three sunroofs in the vehicle, each of which is surrounded on both sides by LED lights. The lighting is also located above the cabinets and under them - but the strips located on the bottom give the impression of being mounted too low or at the wrong angle, that’s why they may dazzle the eyes.

A glass and backlit bar with a mirror placed perpendicular to the entrance right at the door, also reflects light, which makes the interior even more bright. Soft floor covering makes the whole very cozy and pleasant. But is it easy to keep clean? That should be verified in practice.

A space under the double bed, which was placed really high was used to the maximum. Its base can serve as a capacious wardrobe with sliding, “roller blind” door.

Large containers in standard

In the standard equipment of the model LMC Grand Explorer we can find, among others, a 156 liter fresh and waste water container, 190 liter refrigerator, hood, stainless steel sink, heating system Alde 3010, water pump, also a multifunctional control panel and backup camera with 7 inch screen.

Drawers with soft closing system are also included in the standard, as well as roller blinds protecting against insects (and against nosy neighbors), multi-zone foam mattresses and ventilated furniture. Such equipped vehicle costs in Germany 96,500 EUR.

12-year warranty

Even if it doesn’t look like it, Grand Explorer is based on Fiat Ducato 2.3 JTD with 130 HP. LMC boasts of Long Life Technology system, thanks to which the body is covered by 12-year warranty. The matter of this system is fiberglass used both in the construction of the body and chassis. Thanks to this the vehicle is resistant to damage and dampness.

But is that enough, to call Grand Explorer a synonym of the luxury? This camper surely represents a high standard – both the dimensions and appearance predestine it to rivet the attention not only on the campsites.

Let’s not look here for revolutionary solutions. It’s just a well-considered, decently made model worth recommending for all those, who want a little bit more space and larger containers, than are provided in more popular vehicles based on Fiat Ducato. Maybe we’re dealing here rather with Premium class, nonetheless it surely won’t be a Rolls Royce among campers.

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