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Motorhome of the Year 2014 - part I

While motorhomes of various classes and price ranges were taken into account, the title of Best Motorhome of the Year 2014 went to a relatively small, semi-integrated model, Rapido 640.

Ordinary cars have their plebiscites - such as Car of the Year, but unusual cars, such as motorhomes, have theirs too. Two British magazines - "Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly" (MMM) and "Which Motorhome?" have joined forces to announce the winners in the plebiscite Motorhome of the Year Awards 2014.

In each of the nine categories four vehicles have been nominated, and then were rated by the jury. The final voting results are presented below.

Motorhome of the Year 2014

Rapido 640 is supposedly the best camping car currently available for purchase. Its compact size has strongly influenced the verdict (the model measured about 6.5 meters), but also the interior arrangement, with a fixed double bed located in the corner of the vehicle. Such arrangement saves the space without sacrificing the comfort.

The issue of the kitchen has been solved pretty unusually, because it is set across the motorhome, right at the entrance. Thanks to such original ideas it was possible to save a large amount of space in relatively small area. Rapido 640 is even equipped with a sizable shower, and under the bed you can find a quite spacious wardrobe.

Rapido 640

Best Camper-Van

In the category of "Campervan of the Year 2014” the winner was Wellhouse Ford Terrier. The judges liked such elements as equipment, good quality finishing and a relatively favorable price of this car.

In this case we are talking about a van with lift-up, canvas roof, where you can organize a double bed. Apparently nothing new, but the van is also equipped in a folding bed on the bottom and a set of furniture with a kitchenette! The kitchen is available from the inside of the car, and not from the outside, as it usually is in case of so small motorhomes with modular building.

Ford Wellhouse

High-Top Conversion Van

The category "High-Top Conversion Van of the Year" was also awarded. Here the best was the model IH N-Class 630 SL, based on Fiat Ducato. This victory was actually obvious, considering that it's probably the only one motorhome in its class... with slide out, side wall. So far, similar solutions were used only in the most expensive and usually very large camping vehicles. And yet, the ability to increase the space in the van by sliding the part of a living area outside seems even more urgent.

IH N630 SL

Compact Motorhome of the Year

A very important category is the Compact Motorhome of the Year, which refers to the most popular camping vehicles, representing a compromise between good equipment and price, acceptable by many customers. This year's prize went to Pilote Aventura G600LA.

The judges really liked sofa, which in combination with turning seats of the driver and passenger allows you to create an L-shaped lounging area. The kitchen with a large fridge-freezer is also very convenient. Big shower and a spacious wardrobe are another advantages of this vehicle. Thus we can say that Pilote won the prize not because its unique technical solutions, but because of comfort and spaciousness that work in everyday life.

The winners of other categories will be presented in the second part of the article.

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