Dethleffs Advantage T 2015

Motorhomes 2015 - lighter and more spacious

Manufacturers reveal new models for 2015. Now, lightweight constructions using glass fiber become a standardand and more and more manufacturers add them into their offers.

Fiat Ducato will remain the basis for the majority of motorhomes next year, only that in the refreshed version.

Dethfless Advantage

What is the most important in the new Advantage, is a new construction using glass fibers. Due to the fact that the walls are made using XPS, aluminum and polyurethane, and the floor and roof are built from GRP, new Advantage should be more durable and resistant to moisture.

The motorhome will be available in six different interiors layouts, and both as a vehicle fully or partially integrated. The smallest motorhome measures 6.41 m, and the biggest - 7.41 m.

Customers can choose between versions with a large double king-size bed, double or single beds set along or across the vehicle.

All models in this series are in the category of vehicles with the permissible gross weight of up to 3.5 tonnes. Prices start from approx. 52 000 euro.

Burstner Nexxo

Burstner has solidly reorganized its models for 2015, and Nexxo is a great example of that. It is also uses XPS in the construction of walls. The floor was made of waterproof GRP plate, which, like GFK roof uses glass fibers. Also the garage has been lined with a scratch-resistant anti-slip layer of glass fibers.

The construction of new Burnster motorhomes is going to be more modular. What does it mean? For the client, unfortunately, less personalization, because the manufacturer will use ready sets - eg. The kitchen always has a shape of the letter „L“. But you can still choose between different, ready interior layouts.

Customers will have seven variants of the interior and two color options of furniture to choose from. Large, curved roof window looks great, but it requires a surcharge. Just like double folding side seats.

As a standard, customers also get the access to certain facilities from the outside. An interesting solution is sliding shelf, which can also serve as a spare seat.

Prices start from approx. 52 000 euro.

Eura Mobil Profila RS

While manufacturers of Burstner and Dethfless focused mainly on design changes that reduce the weight of their vehicles, Eura Mobil focused on improving the interior space.

In Profila RS we find, for example, a curved kitchen worktop, which gives you a freedom of movement when cooking. Equally noteworthy is sliding door between the living and sleeping area. The toilet is located in the same place as the bedroom, but you can close it thatks to the folding door.

At the entrance you firstly notice a material mat with pockets that can serve as additional storage space for small items, as well as a handle backlit with LED strip.

Dethleffs Advantage T 2015 Dethleffs Advantage T 2015 Dethleffs Advantage T 2015 Dethleffs Advantage T 2015 Burstner Nexxo 2015


2015.07.09 17:52
was there with Ralph Alvarado, 23, of Pomona, a friend of drummer Tyler Armenta.
2014.09.04 11:08
I really like Eura Mobil Profila RS, I saw it in Dusseldorf but during the Caravan Salon they show it as very light motorhome below 1500KG - is it possible? I didnt have time to spend more time to find more information about it