Niewiadów N-126

Niewiadów N126 - a caravan for a few pennies

The group of enthusiasts of active leisure is constantly growing, also on the Vistula River. The fast growing Polish caravanning market each year gain new rentals and camping equipment distributors. Most amateurs of camping relaxation still prefer buying their own caravan or motorhome.

Budget alternative to a rental

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy an aged caravan from German or Italian manufacturer, which despite of its age presents a decent technical condition. An interesting alternative to such products and expensive rental is a second hand caravan Niewiadów N126n. Polish construction that has been produced since several decades, enjoyed the biggest popularity during Polish People's Republic, providing thousands of families with the possibility of going on holidays to Bulgaria or Greece.

Compact caravan was created for users of then the most popular cars: Fiat 125p and 126p. Among other things, this was the reason for which the manufacturer decided to use a simple design - basis for both the chassis and the residential part, is a slab of corrugated steel sheet. Low weight and capacity exceeding little over 100 kg, allowed using a suspension with rubber block springs - the wheels came from Fiat 126p.

Niewiadów N-126

Living compartment was made of plastic panels. Thanks to this solution the corrosion problem disappeared. Any repairs (cracks, scratches) can be done in-house using fiberglass and resin. What's more - any leaks can be removed with silicone, and the best way to "renew" the look of caravan will be a regular cleaning with car shampoo.

A holiday minimum

The interior of N126n will deeply disappoint all caravanners accustomed to the comforts provided by western productions. For three (or four people - depending on the variant) provides the minimum of required space. Entering the caravan, on the left side we’ll find a small, folding table which us a base for a single bed. Just next to it, below the side window, the manufacturer placed a functional kitchenette. It was equipped with a two-burner gas stove and a one-chamber sink below which there’re two spacious cabinets for kitchen accessories (one of them is sometimes replaced with an optional fridge). On the opposite there’s a high wardrobe with additional storage at the bottom. The next two beds are created after folding of a larger table and two couches. Unfortunately, tall people may complain on too narrow interior.

The functionality of the previous era

Under each seat there’re sizable compartments for tourist equipment, including a vestibule. On the front of the caravan, on a drawbar there’s a place for gas cylinders and maneuvering wheel. In many cases, even after 20-30 years of use, the vestibule is still in full working order - only the material quickly loses color. Unfolding the covered storage space with three opening walls takes a couple of dozens of minutes – the frame is formed from aluminum tubes.

Finding a neat piece of N126n - sometimes from the first owner – won’t be a difficult task. 2-3 thousand PLN (500-750 EUR) will be more than enough, while the repairs may amount approximately 1 thousand PLN (250 EUR).

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