Niewiadow Romer - motorhome from Poland

Niewiadów SA isn’t only a Polish manufacturer of caravans. Lately, it also started to produce campers Romer. Let's see if they can be a serious alternative to the western manufacturers of camping vehicles.

There's no denying that Romer’s biggest advantage is ... its price. 200 thousand PLN (50,000 EUR) for a camper built on the platform of the Fiat Ducato Maxi, equipped with a 3-liter engine with 160 hp isn’t much. Especially if we look at the rich furnishings. Niewiadów can also boasts of a wide service network - about 30 authorized points in Poland will help to keep the camper in good condition.

Are there any disadvantages? The main is the looks. It depends on the taste, however in this case it has to be admitted that Polish camper slightly stands out from current trends in design, typical even for the camping vehicles from Germany. This applies both to the exterior and interior of the vehicle. But if you don’t need an ultra-modern design, and appreciate the practicality, may become the owner of a pretty interesting vehicle.

Comfortable and capacious

The camper is designed for four people. The sleeping area (with a large bed) can be separated from the rest of the vehicle by a curtain. The front seats are rotated, so during the stop you can turn them toward table. Like in the campers from western producers, this one is also equipped in hanging cabinets that allow for the practical use of the luggage space, we have also a LED and halogen lighting. The vestibule of the vehicle is equipped with an extra lighting.

Romer doesn’t lack in the bathroom with the toilet, mirror, bathroom cabinets and lockable shower cabin. There’s also a kitchen with sink and two-flame cooker. There’s a 80l fridge, which can be supplied with a gas, or the current of 230 V or 12 V. Containers for clean and dirty water have a capacity up to 85 liters. The camper is equipped with gas heating system with energy distribution and a 10-liter boiler.

Without complexes

The equipment also includes the control panel with dirty and clean water indicators, the accumulator indicator (starting and additional) and 12V master switch. For an extra charge the camper can be enriched in parking air conditioning, roof railings, carrier and a TV (15.6'').

The furniture are made ​​of a light plywood liner, in a pear wood color. The floor imitate laminate flooring used in homes. The exterior and interior vehicle was made of laminate. The floor, walls and roof are insulated with foamed polystyrene. For good air circulation two vents were installed in the roof.

In conclusion, Romer equipment doesn’t differ from what can be found in much more expensive campers from western producers. And if so, why overpay? Polish camper from Niewiadow will certainly find its fans, and according to producer’s announcements, not only Poles will be among them.

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