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Nissan Qashqai 1,6 dCi - comfort and economy

Nissan Qashqai Nissan Qashqai Maciej Mokwiński

The automotive market since the very beginning has its own laws. Fashion and trends are crucial, and it can be seen especially today. Universal structures, like SUVs, combining the features of hitherto opposing segments, enjoy now the ever-increasing popularity. Because of this mix of genes, vehicles like Nissan Qashqai have become extremely popular, even among caravanners. Their higher headroom and optional four-wheel drive are proving to be very useful, not only in the alpine resorts or in the snow-covered cities.

After the huge success of the first generation of compact SUV Nissan, the manufacturer decided to introduce its successor. Subdued design was replaced with sharp lines and prominent ribbings, the whole was enriched with lots of electronic (optional) additives, or striking alloy wheels. This doesn’t affect the practical side of the interior.

Traveller interior

SUVs such as Qashqai, as opposed to typical off-road vehicles, offer a spacious cabin, providing a high comfort of travelling. The interior was designed specifically for the group of four, thus we have enough space both in the front seats (optionally can be operated electrically), as well as on the back couch – lots of place for feet and head. Unfortunately, 439 liters trunk doesn’t impress with capacity, especially in comparison with compact kombi. But what’s an advantage here are the compartments located under the floor of the trunk, where we can fit in a lot of small accessories.

Most in the option

The tested copy left the plant in the top version of equipment, Tekna. Leather upholstery, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, heated front seats, panoramic sunroof are just the beginning of the long list of additives. Particularly useful is a set of four cameras on the navigation screen displaying the image of the car as seen from the air. With such convenience we can easily hook the caravan to the tow bar, or place it perfectly on the designated parking spot.

1.6 dCi

When buying Nissan Qashqai with a view to tow a caravan, it’s not even worth to pay attention to gasoline engines, the only sensible choice is diesel 1.6 dCi that generates 130 hp and 320 Nm. In combination with a 4-wheel drive and six-speed manual transmission box it can easily meet our expectations. Thanks to a permissible towing capacity - 1800 kg – we will easily reach our holiday destination with the majority of caravans available on the market. Especially when traveling without additional load, diesel shows his economical nature – on the road we can limit the fuel consumption up to 4.5 liters, and about 6.5-7 liters in the city. When towing a caravan the consumption increases by about 2 liters. Among the disadvantages we have to mention loud suspension performance when covering a series of transverse obstacles and electronic parking brake.

Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dCi costs a least 91 thousand PLN (20 thousand EUR), but in the case of Tekna version the price rises to more than 124 thousand PLN (28 thousand EUR). In return we receive a thoughtful car with functional interior for four people.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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