Caretta 1500 Off Road

Off Road with adventures in a friendly interior

Caretta 1500 Off Road may not be a total novelty on the market of caravans, because it went on sale exactly in October last year, but undoubtedly is a caravan that deserves our attention.

This particular type of caravans is a masterpiece of the Turkish manufacturer. The so-called teardrop caravan certainly doesn’t belong to the largest and most comfortable vehicles, but definitely impresses with the ease of use when traveling. First of all, it can be attached to any type of off-road vehicle, because it’s light (580kg). Thanks to the small size (4.2m long x 2.14 m wide) it doesn’t cause any major problems while driving, which is extremely important for fans of light off road. In addition, this type of carriage, also known as turtle, combined with a very elegant design has a built-in, aerodynamic spoiler that enhances excellent towing performance as well as the operation of the whole caravan.

What's inside?

On a small space of Caretta 1500 Off Road we’ll find a bed - ideal for not demanding people. In turn the rear hatch reveals a fully equipped kitchen, where we can find a small stove, refrigerator, water tank and a tabletop for preparing or eating food. Above the tabletop there’re cabinets where you can hide accessories needed on the campsite. The basic standard doesn’t have a sink or shower, but there’s a designated place for that. The interior design also provides space for a TV or DVD player. The caravan boasts of built-in speakers and a vent in the roof. There’s also a possibility of installing a solar panel.

Five star comfort among nature

Caravan Caretta 1500 Off Road has many advantages that will help you to enjoy the freedom and beauty of the surrounding nature. First of all it’s economic - the costs of the repairs are low, and you don’t need a car with high performance to tow it. Second of all it’s economic – it ensures low fuel consumption and gas exhaust, which significantly affects the environment. Due to its weight (approx. 500kg) you don’t need a special driving license, so every keen caravanner can enjoy the pleasure of travelling with such a caravan.

In addition, the low weight of the caravan affects the travel costs, because you won’t be charged with a special fee on the highway for driving this type of caravan. Each customer can choose the color of the caravan, as well as equipment options fitted to their needs. However, the most important feature in case of off road trips is the resistance of the caravan to harmful effects of weather. The body was made of fiber glass, which is a warranty of high quality of usage for many years.

You should also get acquaint with other caravans of similar interior architecture or technical specifications, about which we have already written, for example. BASOGLU caravans, TURTLE or Moby 1 Trailer.

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2015.08.31 13:05
Hi,is the chassis on the caretta 1500 offroad model an alko one.