Neo Traveller

Poles can also build motorhomes - NEO TRAVELLER

A four-person camper based on Fiat Ducato is an example of a Polish construction, which can meet the expectations even of the most demanding family. The car is well equipped and precisely designed. It can also boast of the quality of manufacture.

Designers from Polish company Elcamp aimed to build a camper that with a relatively small external dimensions, could offer a comfortable space inside. The base structure is Fiat Ducato L4H3, which in the terminology of Fiat means a vehicle with the widest wheelbase (L4) and maximum height (H3). Now, in sale are models with two engines - more powerful Ducato has a 3-liter diesel engine with 180 hp. Weaker has a 2.3 engine with 130 hp. However the thing that distinguishes Neo-Traveller Voyager, is its equipment.

In Karczewo, common delivery cars turn into a neat camping vehicles. From the outside, the door has already attracted the attention - traditional ones have been replaced with composite. This change allowed to save up more space inside the vehicle. The tailgate was mounted on a telescopic lifts. The car has been raised, thanks to which the vehicle gained an additional sleeping space over the driver’s cab. There are two beds (each of a size of 60x182 mm), which were designed for children. The impression of the dynamics is made not only by ergonomic car superstructure, but also by roof rails, well integrated into it. As a result, the car is functional inside, and at the same time it presents pretty good on the road.

The car was equipped with a double floor in which the water containers were placed, as well as in the halting heater. A separate, lockable shower turns out to be extremely convenient during daily exploitation. The washbasin is near the bedroom. Adult passengers have at their disposal a large, double bed (118x180 mm). Importantly, the part for the adults may be separated by a sliding door from the part where the children sleep, so camper turns into almost two-bedroom apartment.

The hot water heater, as well as the interior of the car is powered by the fuel tank, which was enlarged to 120 l. The gel accumulator, on the other hand, is responsible for the additional power supply. Water tanks are equipped with the water level indicators. It is worth noting that the clean water tank can contain up to 160 liters, and dirty water up 190 liters of liquid. The car also has a display, on which you can check all the important parameters of onboard equipment.

In addition, the camper is also equipped with a double gas stove supplied by a gas bottle, and fridge with 7-liter freezer. Neo-Traveller Voyager also has a swivel bucket seats and manual air conditioning.

The price of a model with a basic equipment and a weaker engine is 189.900 PLN. Better equipped model with a 3.0 engine costs 219,000 PLN.