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During caravanning fair in Dusseldorf we could meet companies from around the world. One of the few Polish representatives was the company Balcamp, which primarily deals with the production of motorhomes based on delivery cars.

During the largest caravanning fair in Europe, Balcamp showed two of his cars, based on Mercedes Sprinter. These motorhomes constituted the company’s flagship and at the same time the proof that the Polish production doesn’t necessarily stand out from that of Western Europe.

In both cars you could find leather upholstery (smooth or quilted), and furniture with wooden fronts. Motorhomes differ from one another with the arrangement of the interior. One of the vehicles has a large, double French bed. The second – single beds which can be joined, thereby forming a sleeping place occupying the entire width of the car.

Many valuable contacts

What’s the opinion of the owner about the participation in the fair?

-Fair in Dusseldorf allowed us to present our products to a wider range of clients - says Lech Falkowski, commercial director of Balcamp and admits that the stand of Polish company attracted a lot of interest in Germany. But most importantly, we managed to establish new contacts.

  - We have several orders, which will be implemented at the beginning of 2015. Thanks to the fair, we’ve gained a number of new contacts, and we’re currently in talks with dealers from the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Norway. We don’t deny that we look forward to the successful conclusion of these discussions, and that in the future we’ll be able to boast of our company's representatives in these countries - emphasizes the director. - Our motorhomes enjoyed a great interest not only among individual clients, but also among representatives of various caravanning companies. We’ve heard favorable opinions even from Mercedes headquarters staff - adds Lech Falkowski.

Motorhomes with Mercedes guarantee


 Balcamp associates a special relationship with Mercedes. Although the company from the Pomorskie voivodship is able to manufacture camping structure on the basis of any delivery vehicle (both new and used), the greatest benefit will belong to the owners of new Mercedes cars. The company gave a certificate to Balcamp, which causes that the modifications don’t affect the manufacturer's warranty. We asked the director to explain what it looks like in practice.

- European approval of General Cargo enables us to sell new Mercedes Sprinters on the rights of the manufacturer. The procedure of ordering and picking up the vehicle looks the same as in the case of eg. buying a new Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The customer places an order, chooses accessories, color, engine, etc. In addition, in the case of our models, the customer has the right to make changes in the range of structure. The moment the car is produced, the customer receives the documents from Mercedes and our company. With a set of these documents the vehicle is registered. The approval allows us to change the name of the vehicle from Mercedes-Benz to Mercedes-Balcamp and model Sprinter on, for example, SP710, SP720. In addition to the original nameplate, there’s a new, with the data of our company - explains Lech Falkowski.

Maintaining the warranty requires, of course, to perform periodic inspections, but they must be carried out in two places - in the service of Mercedes (in terms of the base vehicle), and in the service of Balcamp (in terms of the structure).

For more information please visit Balcamp information page

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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