Hobby Optima

Refreshed motorhomes for 2015

Can you feel the breath of fresh air? Here come up new motorhomes, which will go on sale in 2015. Let's see, what we can expect from the refreshed products of popular manufacturers.

Hobby Optima

Hobby fills the gaps in its offer. In a separate article, we described model Vantana, which will be the cheapest proposition of the brand. Optima has a while to fill the gap between Siesta and Premium models. So it will be a medium-sized semi-integrated motorhome.

The vehicle will be available in four lengths: 599 cm, 673 cm, 698.4 cm and 738 cm, so everyone should find something for themselves. The chosen length will have the greatest impact on the spaciousness of the bathroom. In the shorter versions, it will be a tight room, in which the toilet almost merges with the shower tray, in the medium versions – the shower cabin will be more like the one at home, and in the largest – it will be placed in a room separated from the bathroom.

Optima also has an interesting and rich LED lighting - not only the cabinet are highlighted, but also the handle next to the exit of the motorhome. Light were also placed above the side window (above the worktop). The entrance door has an increased width, and the roof is made of strong plastic resistant to hail.

Very interesting is also version 60 TH, with a shallow but high garage, ending just below the roof line.

In total, Optima will be available with 9 different distributions. Prices will start (in Germany) from 45.390 euro.

Burstner Ixeo Time

One of the main competitors of Hobby unveiled a refreshed line of Ixeo. Ixeo was the first motorhome in the history with pull-out bed. Now it‘s fold-out electrically and can be lowered down to the level of couches, thus serving as an additional place to sit during the day.

Besides Ixeo has grown inside - now passengers will have about 9 cm more of the space above their heads (1.97 m).

Burstner will propose 6 different plans for this model, available in models with lengths from 599 to 749 cm. In the shortest model we find a bathroom in the back, in the longest - in the middle of the vehicle; it has a separate shower cabin.

Ixeo Time prices start from 48,490 euro.

Roller Team Granduca

The Italian manufacturer has decided to modernize primarly the structure of his motorhomes. In case of model Granduca, both in the construction of floors and walls he used GFK material and polystyrene, resigning from plywood susceptible to moisture.

However, the thing which is suppose to attract to the refreshed model, are the new interiors. In comparison with German vehicles, the style of the Italian manufacturer is more designer. Additionally, customers can decide whether they prefer smooth lines and circular basin, or the angular furniture and rectangular sink.

In total, there will be 13 versions of the model Granduca. Their prices are not yet known.

Carthago C-Compact Line

In this case, prices start from 68,900 euro. No wonder – here, we are dealing with a fully integrated motorhome.

Model for 2015 is going to be slimmed down and will have a double floor. There’ll also be versions available in lengths from 640 to 718 cm.

Rapido Distinction

The basic version of the basic model Rapido Distinction will be even more expensive. In Germany, for this French motorhome, you‘ll have to pay 86.100 euro.

In teh construction of the model we won‘t find any wooden parts, which means that plywood was replaced with material with glass fiber elements. Wood can be found inside, because Rapido uses natural materials for furniture manufacturing.

Inside, we can also find leather upholstery and soft lighting. For people valuing practicality, the information that the new model will have a floor with a double bottom, will be very important. Surely there will be a space for additional storage.

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