Rimor Nemho

Rimor Nemho

If you are looking to buy a new camper, you may have difficulty finding the model based on the platform of the vehicle other than the Fiat Ducato. In this regard, an interesting variant would be Rimor Nemho, based on Ford Transit.

Italian campers Rimor can be considered as a middle class offer. Ford Transit with a caravan superstructure isn’t the biggest camper, but it also isn’t a small one.

Nemho comes in three variants with a length of 7255 mm to 7365 mm. Vehicle width is 2340 mm.

Each version of Nemho has 100-liter containers for clean and dirty water, and a mini-garage for motorbikes and bicycles. This model also has five full-size seats fitted with safety belts. There are more sleeping places - even six, while the biggest version may have an extra bed, so that in an emergency situation in the camper can sleep up to 7 people.

In this model, the details are worth appreciating. For example, LED ceiling lights are equipped with a protruding, transparent frames, so the light can also diffuse from side to side. On hot days, you can isolate yourself from the outside world with the roller blind.

Sliding compartments (including separate bottle holders), 3-burner stove or a lit bar in the kitchen will surely find its enthusiasts. In the drawers you can find shaped cutlery holder, so that knives and forks will not be moving around while driving. A lockable roller blind was placed in the sunroof, with three bulbs on both sides, which act as a ceiling light.

There’s of course a place for a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, though we have to admit that the toilet isn’t too spacious. Nonetheless they still managed to find a place for convenient shelves and cabinets, as well as the mirror, which is mounted above the window or on the side wall.

The modern camper cannot lack in a retractable TV. In Nemho it slides out from the ceiling cabinet. It’s also equipped with a color touch screen control panel.

The prices for basic versions of Nemho don’t differ significantly and oscillate around 45-46 thousands Euro net.

The basic version was based on Ford Transit with an engine of capacity of 2.4 liters and 125 hp. Standard equipment includes two airbags, ABS, EBD, TCS, ESP, central locking, electric windows, trip computer, cruise control, outside thermometer, tinted windows and a leather steering wheel. For an extra charge you can get a stronger engine (155 hp) and an automatic climate control.

Rimor Nemho is certainly an interesting option for those, who are looking for a fairly large and well-thought-out camper that despite the wide range of equipment, which is comparable to high-end models, is available at a price which places it more in the middle class. A good relation between the quality and price is Nemho’s key differentiator.

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