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You could read about modular camping buildings on Camprest.com several times. But the Swiss RoomBox beats most of the available solutions. With this system, almost any car can turn into a motorhome - in 10 minutes only!

What is the uniqueness of the Swiss RoomBox? It has many distinguishing things, apparently. At first, it may seem that it’s a system like many others. In individual boxes there’re camping accessories, such as a sink, faucet, water container, heater, etc. It's just that usually the system is designed for a specific model of a car. So modules that fit, let's say, Renault Kangoo, won’t fit Volkswagen Golf.

A motorhome in a few minutes

In case of the Swiss Room Box it’s different – when selling the car and buying a new one, from a different brand, you can take the camping equipment with you and it very likely will fit in another vehicle. This is possible because sizes of the individual modules are adjustable. For example, a double (or single) bed can be placed at different heights, and you can also adjust the length.

Another distinguishing feature is a convenient system of unfolding and moving of the individual modules. Appropriate cuts serve as rails along which you can easily move "blocks". The manufacturer claims that unfolding of a basic set will take about 3 minutes. On more advanced options you have to spend 10 min., while the richest ones may require 30 minutes of work.

Installation of modules doesn’t require any tools, or interference in the construction of the car. Only in case of the most comprehensive packages, it’s necessary to connect one additional wire to the battery.

A week without worries

If you want to use a passenger car as a motorhome, one problem may be related to the availability of electricity. The manufacturer of RoomBox solutions ensures that if you use the basic package, which has mainly electrical water heater, using the standard car battery should be enough to spend a week on a campsite (without starting the car). If there’ll be more devices, this time may shorten to a few days. With a high demand for electricity you can use portable solar panels, an extra battery or a charger (available in some sets).

The manufacturer shall ensure, that there is no possibility that the battery exhausts to the point that you won’t restart the car. This is thanks to a special system that cuts off the power source for camping devices when the voltage reaches a critical level of 11 volts.

Comfortably and with plenty of options

Sets of modules are available in various configurations, designed for passenger cars and vans. Each version allows accommodation for one or two people. However, if we want to provide a place to sleep for four or even five people, this is also possible. In order to do this, you have to retrofit your set in a tent that would be mounted on the roof. There’re plenty of retrofitting options.

The cheapest set - RoomBox free Tech – designed for passengers cars costs about 2,000 CHF. That's equivalent to about 1640,00 EUR. A version for a larger car costs about 2,700 CHF, which gives us approximately 2210,00 EUR. In return, however, we get a system with high flexibility, and we don’t have to buy a separate caravan or motorhome.

We can carry the camping system with us in the car, even if we don’t use it. That’s pretty easy, because RoomBox takes from 25 to 50% of the cargo area of the car. Modules don’t impede the use of the second-row seats in the car.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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