Mobilvetta S-Yacht

S-Yacht motorhome

If you are interested in a motorhome, which looks really great, direct your eyes toward Italy. Fortunately, the Italian S-Yacht distinguishes itself not only with the design, but also with numerous practical solutions.

Mobilvetta S-Yacht among motorhomes may actually be what yacht is among boats. Fully integrated body with streamlined, yet a bit cheeky front looks very modern and entices you to look inside.

And it won’t disappoint you either. You will immediately notice the good materials used to finish the vehicle. And what’s important, the motorhome doesn’t look as if it was composed of the standard elements, bought separately. S-Yacht gives the impression that every detail has been designed specifically for this particular car.

Colorfully, but with class

A light upholstery in combination with furniture in walnut wood color and black appliances presents very good. White kitchen drawers with silver hardware also don’t conflict with the whole. Maybe it's because sink and countertop, in which a black gas stove was mounted, are also white.

The shower was placed in a separate cabin with shower tray in the shape of a circle. Thanks to the light-blue LED lighting around rainshower, but also to the electronic control console, it looks like a space capsule straight out from a science-fiction movie.

Glass, transparent sink, with two rows of point lights along both sides of the battery, makes the bathroom part looks very nice. The light isn’t dazzling, because the lamps are hidden behind a material in milk white color.

The bed with a glowing bottom

The fact that manufacturer of S-Yacht took care of the details, can be seen also somewhere else… This motorhome can be equipped in lowering beds in the front of the vehicle. In such vehicles, there might be a problem with a small amount of natural light, because in a day, when the bed is connected with the ceiling, the vehicle is deprived of it. But not in S-Yacht. Here, the LED lighting was mounted in the bottom of the electric, lowering bed, so when the bed is up, it serves as the ceiling lighting.

Another example. In the version MH104 the rear bed, although double has a cut between two points. Thanks to this, during the day you have an easy access to the large compartments located under the beds. At night, however, the cut can be covered with an additional element which, like a puzzle, connects the whole picture. Now the twin beds can turn in one, double bed.

Strong but heavy

S-Yacht comes in three versions, each of which is 7493 mm long. The camper is based on Fiat Ducato with 180 Mtj engine with 180 HP. The engine has a capacity of 3 liters.

The gross vehicle weight of S-Yacht is 4250 kg, which means that in order to drive this vehicle, you need qualifications to drive a truck.

The standard version includes: air conditioning, mirrors with defrost function, four sleeping places, water and wastewater containers with a capacity of 130 liters, refrigerator (160 l) integrated with an oven, hood, Alde heating system, electronic control panel and an external water source.

It seems that it’s a really nice and thought-out camper. It’s time to give the price. In Poland, S-Yacht costs 77,311 EUR. The price doesn’t include excise, VAT and transportation from Italy to Poland.

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