Bailey Approach Autograph 765

Motorhome of the Year 2014 - part II

Magazines "Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly" (MMM) and "Which Motorhome?" have jointly chosen the best motorhome of 2014. We continue the presentation of the awarded vehicles.

We just want to remind that the title "Motorhome of the Year 2014" went to Rapido 640. The jury also awarded eight additional categories.

Best family motorhome

The title of "Family Motorhome of the Year" went to Bailey Approach Autograph 765. It’s another of the appreciated cars that is a semi-integrated motorhome. Why this vehicle, which is quite modest-looking, has been awarded?

First of all, the car can travel even up to a 6-person family. Very significant is also the fact that the number of places to sleep coincides with the number of seats fitted with safety belts. And contrary to what might be expected, this is not a standard. Many manufacturers offer more berths than places to travel.

Additionally, the rear of the vehicle wasn’t fitted with a double bed, but with a living room with couches and carpets. In such a living room you will spend time very comfortably – parents can use sofas, while children can play on the floor.

Lowered chassis and the positive results of crash tests are just additional strengths of this family car.

Fixed Double Bed Motorhome of the Year

In the category of "Fixed Double Bed Motorhome of the Year" the award went for the second time to Rapido 640. We described this model in the first part of the article.

Fixed Single Bed Motorhome of the Year

In this case, the best was Hymer Exsis-t 588, which was described by the jury as a slim and lightweight car. Its width is only 212 cm, which facilitates turning on the narrow roads.

Another plus is the load capacity of 680 kg. Spacious garages located under the high-mounted single beds facilitate its use. Even though the motorhome isn’t too large, it has a comfortable bathroom with separate shower cabin. There’s also a living room with seats arranged in the shape of the letter L.

Non-fixed Bed Motorhome of the Year

A very interesting category is "Non-Fixed Bed Motorhome of the Year". Today, we rarely see motorhomes, especially among semi-integrated and A-class vehicles that doesn’t have any fixed bed. In this category the winner was Bürstner Viseo i700.

With two non-fixed sleeping places, it was possible to make two living rooms in the car with a width of 220 cm - at the front and rear part of the vehicle. The jury also appreciated the spacious kitchen with deep drawers and a large oven.

Luxury motorhome of the Year

The jury really liked that Frankia Platinum Edition was based on the construction of Mercedes Sprinter. However, the victory in the most luxury category was determined by spaciousness, which can be seen practically in every part of the motorhome.

Additionally, the onboard equipment in this model is powered by... solar energy.

The winner in the category of "Luxury Motorhome of the Year" was broadly described in a separate article.

Bürstner Viseo i700 Hymer T 588 Bailey Approach Autograph 765 Burstner Viseo i700 Hymer T 588 Bailey Approach Autograph 765