LMC Scandica caravan

Scandica caravan - for winter camping

LMC Scandica caravan was created especially for those, who love to travel in winter conditions. This large and freezeproof caravan has even a special compartment for skis!

Who needs a caravan mainly in winter, should take into account the existence of the model Scandica. It costs 30,000 EUR (in Germany). The longest model measures nearly 9 meters, so it’s not a little thing. Inside, it can easily accommodate four people, providing plenty of space and comfortable accommodation. But this, of course, isn’t its fundamental characteristic.

A caravan for skiers

LMC Scandica, though can also be used in the summer, reveals its biggest advantages in winter conditions. It has, for example, a special, sliding out compartment, accessible from the outside, which easily fits in a few pairs of skis with sticks.

Inside Scandica, you will find an underfloor heating and heated closet, in which you can dry out a wet jacket. There’s also a special boot dryer (also in the closet). Thanks to an efficient heating system, we won’t be freezing after returning from the slope - we can relax on a comfortable couch, prepare hot tea and rest no worse than at home.

Other pieces of equipment are no longer closely associated with the winter using of the caravan. In a two-tone interior (white and wood), typical for the LMC models, the attention is captured by a number of open shelves and a large drawer under the kitchen counter.

The cover of a 3-burner gas stove is divided, so you don’t have to uncover the three burners at once. You can uncover one, and the rest of the cover treated as part of the tabletop. This is a practical solution, especially since tabletop isn’t too big.

LED lights are located both over the hanging cabinets, in the corners of shelves and on both sides of two of the four roof windows. The lack of such solution in the bathroom is disappointing.

Longer version - better bathroom

Scandica is available in four versions, but each has a different length: 7679 mm, 7714 mm, 7903 mm and 8943 mm. Maximum permissible weight of the caravans is 1,700 kg (three shorter models) and 2.000 kg (the longest version).

The two longer variants are worth recommending especially due to the larger and more spacious bathroom. In this respect, two shorter models are a bit worse – here you’ll find an awkward solution of the shower tray, which constitute the floor of the bathroom. In larger versions the length of bathroom corresponds with the width of the caravan (about 2.5 meters). Only one version (the one with the length of 7714 mm) is available with two single beds. In others the basic bed is double.

Deciding on a caravan Scandica, in the standard you gen, among others, a heating system Alde 3010, 103-liter refrigerator with 12 liter freezer, 44-liter fresh water tank and 25-tank for waste water. Unfortunately, we could expect a more capacious tanks in a caravan adapted to winter conditions.

Like other LMC models, Scandica is covered with a 12-year guarantee of impermeability and is equipped with an Al-Ko chassis.

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