Chausson Welcome

Semi-integrated motorhome by Chausson Welcome

Motorhome Chausson can be built on Fiat Ducato or Ford. French manufacturer offers two versions of the equipment - Flash (standard) and Welcome (with additional options). It’s worth looking a little closer to the second proposal, which seems to be the perfect solution for people traveling with a considerable baggage. Large storage capabilities, low profile, rich equipment are only part of the advantages of this model.

French precision

Welcome visually looks very attractive. Gray-blue graphic on white background and cabin distinguished with color attract the attention. Side walls are made of laminated GRP plates and are further insulated with special foam. The roof is made of polyester with a thickness of 0.54 cm – a plastic resistant to hail (among others). New fairings and heavy cornices are ideas that Chausson introduced in 2014, so that the body structure could be even more robust. The residential part is set up pretty low, which allowed to resign from additional entrance stairs. But there’re more ingenious solutions. Diesel engine with a capacity of 2.3 liters and a power of 150 bhp at a vehicle weighing 3500 kg ensures a big driving force. Chausson Welcome is equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission, which allows for a comfortable ride in a variety of conditions. ABS, ASR, Traction Plus systems, parking sensor, precise steering and airbags for the driver and passenger increase the safety while traveling.

Dining room and kitchen

The interior of motorhome tempts with original aesthetics and efficient use of space. The cabin has two swivel seats with height adjustment that can be used as additional seating in the dining room (in the end we gain space in the shape of the letter L for 5 people). There’s no lack of space to relax either. On the back there’re two fixed beds (which can be combined by taking out the third mattress) while in the living room you will find an additional bed that is operated electrically. Special curtains allowed to separate the bedroom from the rest of the vehicle. The bathroom presents very functionally - on the right side the shower, in front the toilet with electronic flush and above – window, cabinets as well as round sink on the side. The kitchen was designed in the shape of the letter V, while the equipment includes Thetford hob with 3 burners, oven/grill, large fridge with freezer and microwave.

Welcome has a lot of light - windows from the brand Seitz (double glazed) were placed on both sides of the motorhome, near the bed and in the bathroom while in the cab – sunroof. Additionally in many places were installed LED lamps. It’s worth paying attention to the huge storage capabilities - 6 upper cabinets, 2 large and other additional storage areas (including a special place for bikes) allow for free storage of the luggage.

Motorhome for couples

Chausson Welcome 717 costs approx. 52,000 pounds, and it's quite an expense, but if you treat it as an investment for years, you shouldn’t be disappointed. High quality of construction materials and equipment, 5-year warranty can convince those, who are not sure. Although there’s more space in the motorhome, it’s the most comfortable for two people. It’s an offer for those, who value the visual qualities of camping vehicles. The interior in shades of brown and beige combined with light wood, modern extras and interesting design is surely able to appeal.

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