Danbury Motorcaravans

Small motorhomes from Danbury

Is it possible to have a small, agile car which at the same time is a spacious camper? Well, not entirely. But you can have a car with elements of equipment typical for a camping car.

British brand Danbury propositions are directed rather to customers ready for compromises ... and maybe also for those, for whom convenience of movement is more important than the comfort in the inside. For the young, mobile people, who want a roadworthy car which enables them to explore the world there’re camping versions of Volkswagen Caddy and Fiat Doblo. It’s definitely an interesting solution and certainly cheaper, than the more "adult" versions of campers.

Rising roof

The main interference of Danbury in standard body lies in raising the roof. Both Volkswagen and Fiat, are available with raising roof. Thanks to such procedure we can increase the amount of space inside. In case of Doblo, there’s also version with a glass roof raised permanently. This change doesn’t affect the number of places to sleep. Both cars can accommodate two people (though three thin could probably manage as well).

Standard equipment of Fiat and Volkswagen in versions offered by Danbury is very similar. In these cars we find many of smaller and larger compartments. There are LED lights, which can be useful when reading, as well as when cooking. Yes, these campers, though small, are equipped with a two-burner stove – and, attention - in grill! The grate slides out from a drawer underneath the oven knobs.

Both Doblo and Caddy are equipped in a 40-liter fridge-freezer and a stainless steel sink. It’s integrated with a tap connected to a 10-liter water container. It's not much, but it gives at least a substitute for comfort, of which we cannot even dream in an ordinary car. We can have a chemical toilet as well, but such luxury requires an extra charge.

Table - retractable or folding

The issues of tables were solved differently in these cars. The Volkswagen has two independent table tops, which slide out from between the cabinets, while the Fiat - folding table like this from larger campers.

Both in Fiat and Volkswagen, you can get many pieces of equipment for an additional charge, for example an air conditioning, heating system fueled with diesel oil, parking sensors, and a tent that will serve as a vestibule at the rear of the vehicle.

For Caddy, we can order some more additional elements, but this is due to the options offered by Volkswagen (eg, navigation, cruise control, heated seats).

Place – in trace amount

Both cars have similar drawbacks, foremost of which is of course the lack of space. If we unfold the table in Fiat, we won’t get into another part of this mini-camper than through the couch. If we unfold the couch, we won’t open most of the cabinets, or unfold the table. In both cars lack of space can be a serious problem.

The prices, as for the continental conditions are not low - but remember that the British earn in pounds. Volkswagen Caddy Danbury (1.6 TDI) is offered at a price of 26,000 GBP, and the cheapest Fiat Doblo (petrol 1.4) is available at a price of 20,000 GBP. Diesel version (1.6) requires an extra charge of 3 ,000 GBP.