Axess Sonic

Sonic Axess - great motorhome

If you don’t want your camper to look like a delivery car with a stuck box, Axess Sonic from Adria may be a good offer for you...

Axess Sonic, just like the most of other campers, is a Fiat Ducato converted into an apartment on wheels. It's just not that visible in this case. The body has been completely changed, so that the whole car is compact and doesn’t look like the multi-block construction. Besides, its modern, aerodynamic look is simply designed to appeal.

Slim and stable

The basis for this camper is Ducato with the 2.0 engine with 115 HP. If, however, it’s not enough for someone, you may choose from seven different versions of engines and different variants of additional equipment. Ordering an air conditioning (manual or automatic), or even automatic gearbox, won’t be a problem.

Axess Sonic was supposed to be neat in appearance and comfortable and stable in driving. In order to achieve such effect, engineers agreed that the length of the camper won’t exceed 7 meters – it has exactly 6980 cm.

For four or five people

The camper is available in three versions: I 600 SCT, I 600 L, I600 SPS. Particular models don’t differ in terms of dimensions and most of them also have the same equipment. The biggest differences are related to the arrangement of the interior.

The first and the last model are designed for four people, and the toilets are located in different places in the vehicle than showers. The SCT version shower frame was placed next to the main bed in the back of the vehicle. In the SPS version main bed was placed perpendicular to the camper’s axis, along the back wall, while the toilet and shower are located opposite to each other.

Version I 600 L allows to place a small bed for a child between two single beds, which are located on the opposite walls of the cabin. If we add to this a double bed, which can be obtained after conversion of the seats in the "salon", we get an accommodation for five people. However, in this model, the toilet and the shower are in the same room.

OK, but without a luxury

Both the furniture and the equipment used in this camper are certainly not the most expensive, but they represent a decent level, sufficient for most users. A three-burner stove looks a bit old-fashioned, resembles an obsolete gas stoves that you can still meet in some homes. As a consolation, we get a comfortable, L-shaped kitchen, with a draining board next to the sink. In the kitchen you will also find a spacious, 150-liter fridge with freezer.

The standard version is equipped in a submersible pump, rotary chemical toilet, 85 liter waste water container (on request - heated), 100-liter fresh water container, heating system Truma Combi 4 with a boiler for hot water (for an additional charge it may be replaced with some other versions of Truma heaters), outputs 12V and 230V, control panel, and even a spacious garage where you can successfully fit a bike or even a motorcycle.

For an extra charge you can get, for example, underfloor heating, a reversing camera or LCD TV.

Unfortunately, the price - even for the basic version – isn’t a bargain. To have the model Sonic Axess you have to spend more than 63 thousands Euro.

Axess Sonic great motorhome Axess Sonic great motorhome Axess Sonic great motorhome Axess Sonic great motorhome Axess Sonic great motorhome