Caravan Steckerman Escape

Steckerman caravans - one brand three classes

Steckerman has in offer three models of caravans in 25 basic configurations. What’s interesting, the largest choice is related to the simple and light model Starlett (13 varieties), more expensive model Alize is present in nine varieties, while the most luxurious Espace in only three varieties.

Don’t be mislead by the name - Sterkeman is a French company, with a 60-year tradition. It has its outlets in whole Western Europe. In Poland, the brand doesn’t have an authorized dealer yet, which is a pity, because the offer is worth some attention.

Starlett Caravan

The simplest model is Starlett 330 CP, which in Germany is offered in the price of 8.490 euro. The weight of this caravan is only 900 kg. It measures 5 meters (but inside only 3.30 m), while its width is 2.10 m. This caravan can fit in up to 3 people – it’s designed for two adults and a child.

Starlett has a kitchen with gas burners and a sink, but it doesn’t have a bathroom. There’s a 25-liter water container and 70-liter refrigerator.

The elements such as 30-liter container for waste water or heating Trumatic 3004, are available as an option. You can choose from 4 types of upholstery.

Espace Caravan

At the opposite pole, there’s a model Espace 550 CE, which in Germany costs 17,930 euro. This caravan measures 7.34 m (with a hook), while the interior is 5.60m long and 2.33m width.

In this case, there is no question of excessive compromises. High-end furnishings can be seen at first glance. Both the design of furniture, as well as the type of materials used, suggest that we’re dealing with high-end caravan.

Four adults or three adults with two children can count for a comfortable accommodation in Espace. It’s also possible to install a bunk bed. Practical, l-shaped kitchen is impressive, it has an elegantly finished drawers and additional shelves lit by LED lamps in rectangular frames.

Espace couldn’t lack in a separate part for the toilet. Unfortunately, the person who is using the toilet, has to keep legs in the shower frame, which can be considered as a huge disadvantage in the caravan of such class.

In the most expensive version of Steckerman caravan we have a 40-liter fresh water container, fridge-freezer, heating system Trumatic 3004, water heater and a 30-liter container for sewage. For an extra charge we can get a microwave, air conditioning mounted in the roof and underfloor heating.

In the most expensive model, we can choose between two types of upholstery.

Alize Caravan

A middle class representant in this case will be Alize. Let’s consider the most expensive, six-passenger model. Alize 550 PE doesn’t cost much less than Espace - 16 320 euro (although there’s also a configuration that costs less than 12 thousand.). The dimensions of the most expensive variant are the same as of Espace, so the differences will be most visible in the equipment.

And here comes the surprise. In this case, we can also expect a bathroom with shower, refrigerator with freezer, 40-liter water container, heating and water heater, as well as 30-liter container for sewage. So ... Alize has most of the same pieces of equipment as Espace.

The difference will be based primarily on the quality of materials used to finish the interior. But just like in Starlett, the customer can choose from four different upholstery options . They’re maybe not as good as in Espace, but for sure everyone will find something suitable.