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It all started with horses. In 1986, former jumper Stephan Conter founded Stephex - a company dedicated to horse breeding and riding halls rental. 10 years later, the company began to import luxury vehicles for transporting animals. And in 2009 the first luxury motorhome signed by STX brand appeared on the market.

Today, the Belgian company Stephex still value horses the most, but also vehicles driven by mechanical horses became important for them. The company is offering a very wide range of vans and trucks to transport the animals, and each vehicle is adjusted according to individual order.

Fans for horses, air conditioning for people

And yes, the company has recently adapted Renault Master for the transport of two horses, but they also rework tractors with trailers. They can accommodate from 4 to 9 animals, while in the trailer, next to the horse part, may be placed luxury apartment for humans.

The part for animal is equipped, among others, in a rubber floor, fans, water tank and a camera that allows you to see what is happening in the mobile stable.

The residential part has upholstered walls, leather seats, upscale audio system, TV with DVD and satellite TV, heating, air conditioning, kitchen with refrigerator and microwave. There’s also of course a bathroom. The shower has a thermostatic valve.

Since the company has the opportunity of preparing such a luxury mean of transport for people and animals, why not to offer a totally touristic version, for those, who want to travel without horses?

Assuming that, the company began to offer camping kits that look like heavy trucks. And we can order a motorhome based on Volvo FL 7 (in version 8 or 16-tons), Renault Magnum or Mercedes Actros.

Luxury without compromise

Mercedes Actros seems to be the biggest attraction in STX offer. It looks modern and athletic, and the semi-trailer forms a whole with the driver’s cab. Yes - this set creates a coherent, fully integrated vehicle and the engine with 510 hp makes it the most powerful entity in the Stephex’s stable.

Just like other STX vehicles, it also may be equipped with retractable side walls, which allow to increase the available space. The offer includes models with one, two or three retractable walls. If you order a version with a living room extending on both sides, we’ll gain a huge space. The vehicle can be also equipped with a garage, which will fit in eg. Mini or Smart.

Since everything is made for individual order, it’s difficult to speak of a fixed specification. But it’s enough to take a look at the pictures to understand about which class we’re talking about. Elegant living room, stylish bathroom and modern kitchen look like they were placed in a luxury apartment, and not in the car. It’s difficult to look for any compromise – here is all you need, including leather upholstery and not fixed poufs.

STX offer is completed by sets of vehicles for business purposes - eg. Mobile showrooms, kits for sport (garage can fit in a racing car, and the remaining area – a workshop), as well as minivans which serve as food trucks, which are mobile booths with food.

More information is available at www.stephex.com

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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