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Swift Challenger Sport – British middle class Swift Challenger Sport – British middle class www.swiftgroup.co.uk

Challenger Sport is a basic, so also the cheapest model of camping caravan sold by Swift Group. Nonetheless, it isn’t a vehicle that could be included in a low-budget group of caravans. In case of Challenger Sport, the term middle class would be more suitable.

Streamlined front, large windshield almost integrated with the panoramic rear window placed on the top of the vehicle, plus the size which won’t allow to class this caravan as small, are the features characteristic for Challenger Sport.

In five lengths

The caravan comes with ten different interior layouts, and in six lengths. The shortest Challenger Sport measures 6,06 m. Next versions measure 6,88 m, 6,94 m, 7,25 m, and 7,48 m. The longest has 7,93 m and is further distinguished by a double axle. The prices of all basic versions enclose within 16 to 20 thousand pounds.

Interiors of particular layouts are rather similar. The biggest differences regard sleeping places. Depending on the variant, we can purchase a caravan that may sleep 4 or even 6 people, and in some layouts the manufacturer used even bunk beds, which will surely please especially children.

As we enter the caravan, the first thing to notice will probably be a panoramic roof, located on this side of the vehicle that is connected to the car. The window placed on the wall between the ceiling and simple (though big) window lets a huge amount of light inside. Right above the window you can find a wide LED lamp, while on its sides – speakers. They are integrated with CD/MP3 radio player, to which you can also connect an iPod.


LED lighting was also mounted in other places, for example, above the top cabinets as well as above the entrance (on the outside). There are also reading lamps.

The caravan provides a plenty of storage space – not only in top cabinets, which were secured against accidental opening by a button mounted in each handle. A lot of place is also under the couches.

A bit impractical are ordinary shelves, which can be found in this caravan as well. They don’t protect objects from falling in any way, so they necessarily should be emptied before driving.

A few tabletops

The kitchen equipment may be really pleasing. Apart from three gas burners, the stove is further equipped in an 800 W electric burner. Under the stove there are separated drawers with an oven and grill. In bigger variants, the caravan may be equipped with an additional, folding tabletop. Under it you can find a fridge-freezer with a capacity of 113 liters.


Quite an interesting solution is a tabletop that slides-out from under the chest of drawers, placed between the couches. Thanks to that, we can quickly unfold a small table. Besides, there’s also another big, folding-out table.

A significant advantage of the bathroom is its nice-looking and pretty big sink, as well as separated shower cabin, with the shower that enables you to save a lot of water and at the same time provides its adequate, high pressure.

The caravan can be equipped in the heating system Truma Combi 4 or 6. Heating control panel was placed above the entrance. Right next to it there’s a batteries control panel, integrated with water indicators. It’s worth to emphasize that every Swift Challenger Sport is equipped in 40 W solar panel. There’re also 4 230 V power points.

In conclusion, Challenger Sport is a successful and well-equipped caravan. Even though it’s a basic model from Swift, it doesn’t lack anything...

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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