Sylvan Sport Go

Sylvan Sport Go - a lightweight caravan with an openwork design

Active tourism for many years has been changing its face. Customers are making ever greater demands; they expect comfort, functionality - of course at a good price. Sylvan comes towards them with their offer.

Manufacturer originating in the United States has to offer a  $ 8,000 universal design, capable of tackling a wide range of tasks. Characteristic of this model are sleeping places platform to transport a few bikes and two motorcycles at the same time.

So far, we have had to buy at least two trailers: camping and goods, the best designed for the transport of two-wheelers. This involved considerable investment, reaching tens of thousands euros.

The power of simplicity

The American manufacturer has decided in a very easy way to combine those features, launching the Go Sport model into their offer. In fact the presented camper does not have much in common with the real camping; it is definitely closer to a typically working product.

Transport character

Everything is based on openwork structure made of tubes, forming a cage with a plastic roof with adjustable weight. Thick and durable material is an ideal basis for mounting a roof rack, used to transport a few bikes, or even two kayaks.

On the lower level, surprisingly a large space was made. On the drawbar a lockable plastic box was installed, capable of carrying a stove and gas cylinder or a toolkit. Dimensions of container can hold two full-sized motorcycles or a quad- a loading ramp is of course available. Transported equipment is relatively well protected against theft. The sides of the trailer are powerful and tubular.

Bedroom for couples

Apart from the visible to the naked eye the transport nature of Sports Go, it still has one other feature: in a few moments it will transform into a mobile bedroom for two.

How does it work?

A plastic roof has been designed not only for transporting the tourism equipment. In the interior a place is provided for tailor-made tent, using the tubular structure of the camper. Just raise the roof to its maximum height, spread the sides and the textile material between the steel crossbars to obtain a largely functional space.

Openwork structure, in addition to an attractive price, has other advantages – it will withstand off-road crossing, which would be suicidal for the usual camper. Of course - the final price after it has been brought to Poland will increase by taxes and the cost of transport through the ocean.

Sylvan Sport Go Sylvan Sport Go Sylvan Sport Go