Tabbert Rossini

Tabbert Rossini - a bit of luxury

Theoretically, Tabbert Rossini is a reference to the past, because a caravan under that name has already been produced few years ago. Nonetheless, new Rossini, has much more in common with its older and bigger brothers than with its predecessors.

Tabbert caravans are considered to be luxurious vehicles. Rossini is, however, an offer for those, who dream of luxury, but their funds doesn’t necessarily reflect their aspirations. It's a bit like with Mercedes A-Class or BMW 1 Series – supposedly premium brand, but the price is not nearly as unavailable as in case of really luxurious limousines.

Tabbert has already experimented with cheaper vehicle, and it also was named Rossini. Only that the other model wasn’t adopted, because in fact it was Knaus caravan with a changed logo. But Tabbert customers expect a lot more. The board of Knaus-Tabbert Group drew a conclusion from that mistake and made its new "economic" caravan similar to other, more expensive models of Tabbert.

Characteristic lights on the back and a logo between them leave no doubt of what brand we’re dealing with. The caravan is based on Al-Ko chassis equipped with ATC systems (traction control system) and AKS (stabilizer hitch). Each model is equipped with a double, insulated and tinted windows. You should also notice the roof, which was made ​​of RPG and was sealed with 3 mm layer of non-woven fabric.

A decent standard

The interior won’t disappoint us, but it won’t surprise either. Accordingly to how the caravan interiors are currently designed, model Rossini characterizes itself with simple furniture fronts, contrasting colors or large, self-closing drawers under the kitchen worktop. The drawers are divided into partitions, which will help to organize your cutlery and other items. Next to the drawers, there’s a narrow, pull-out pantry with wire baskets. Fridge, depending on the version, may have a capacity of 145 or 178 liters.

A good solution is also a large amount of open shelves that can be found in many places of the caravan. A lot of it is also the various compartments. Nonetheless, disadvantages should include the lighting. Unfortunately, not counting LED strips available for an additional charge, Tabbert still uses halogen bulbs that heat up and consume more power.

Bed, for an additional charge, may be equipped with a mattress with spring discs. In fact, it looks like a lot of small plates were placed next to each other under the mattress. The bed has a length of 1945 cm.


Customers can choose among five plans of interior, four lengths (from 5.10 m to 6.70 m, without a shaft) and two widths of Rossini. Prices start from 17,490 euros and the most expensive models will be available for slightly more than 20.000 euros (of course for models with basic equipment). The total weight will amount, depending on the model, from 1.500 to 2.300 kg.

Why the future tense? Well, Tabbert Rossini will go on sale in the autumn, and for the first time will be shown at the upcoming Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf 2014. Then, the manufacturer will probably reveal more photos of the new caravan from "economic" segment. Let’s add that it’s economic when compared to other Tabbert vehicles, not with the whole market.

Tabbert Rossini Tabbert Rossini Tabbert Rossini