Luxury motorhomes

The most luxury motorhomes

Do you think that 100 thousand dollars for a motorhome is a lot? You’ll change your mind, if you change the perspective. To purchase one of the world’s most expensive motorhome, you need a budget far exceeding 2 million dollars.

Americans and Canadians excel at the production of luxury, A-class motorhomes. There, a view of a cosmic-looking bus often with graphics in the shape of flames, and with extremely extravagant interior, isn’t anything surprising. Excellent wood, high-quality leather and expensive equipment are a standard in all of them.

Not all manufacturers gladly announce the prices of their vehicles, moreover, the final price is usually significantly different from the initial one. If we want to drive a really luxurious motorhome, we have to start with the price of about 300-400 thousand dollars, nonetheless, while adapting the details of the equipment to our whims, we can quickly exceed the price of a million or even two million dollars.

But there’s one thing sure – we won’t find another vehicle with identical equipment. Each one is absolutely unique.

Coach Liberty Elegant Lady 2014

Coach Liberty vehicles are based on the most popular in industry (at least North American) buses from Canadian brand Prevost. In this case it’s the same. Prevost H3-45 is powered by Volvo D13 engine.

From the outside, the bus looks simple, like many others, so to see what exactly we're dealing with, we need to look inside. And there, which is quite rare in American busses, we’ll find the finish in soft colors of black, gray and white. The luxury is emphasized by the additions of brass and gold color.

This discreet elegance somehow dims some facilities, like white hob or multiple LCD screens. The equipment comes from companies Miele and Bosch. The remote control system Creston is integrated with iPad mini. Also, there’s a two-way system Full HDMI Audio-Video, 60-inch TV and 4-zone floor heating system.

King Aire 2014

This bus was built on the chassis from Spartan Chassis company that specializes in the production of components for motorhomes included in A-Class. The vehicle is powered by a 600 HP Cummins ISX engine.

This colossus is more than 13 meters long, and inside there’re of course containers for water and sewage. But those are not the little things to which we are used. Containers in European campers often have the capacity of 30 liters, sometimes 100 liters. Meanwhile, in King Aire sewage containers have the capacity of 227 liters, gray water container exceeds 300 liters while 530 liters is the capacity of water container.

What else distinguishes this bus? It’s obvious that such vehicle must have TVs, including retractable ones. Surprise may, however, that the TV and audio player are also located outside of the vehicle, above one of the cavernous baggage compartments. Retractable walls allow increasing the space inside the vehicle. Interior equipment, such as lighting and air conditioning can be controlled by using Sony Tablet. Washbasin and sink are made of glass with a carved filling in gold color. The kitchen and bathroom walls are lined with mosaics of glass and metal.

Volkner Mobil 900 - 1200 HG

In Europe, brands like German Volkner try to keep pace with luxurious American motorhomes, nonetheless you have to admit that vehicles of this brand are not as spectacular. It’s worth to devote some attention to a series of Volkner Mobil 900 - 1200, which is based on Mercedes Atego and Actros. Each variant, both 9-meter and 12-meter, can be equipped with a garage for a small car

(e.g. Mini ).

These motorhomes have air suspension and I-Shift gearbox. Cockpit can be covered with wood and leather or carbon fiber composites. Details of the equipment are chosen individually, as well as finishing variants. Depending on the options selected, inside we find wood, leather, aluminum, steel, marble or granite – everything of the highest quality.

You can have everything 

In the top notch motorhomes we can mount everything, provided that it is really expensive. Another issue, which doesn’t depend on us is the matter of taste.

You may get the impression, that placing inside everything what’s the most expensive, doesn’t guarantee that the interior will be really beautiful. But you have to judge yourself where the design ends, and the kitsch starts.

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