Tires for camping

Tires for motorhome and camping trailer

We need to take a particular care of the tires in motorhomes and caravans. This is due to the fact that they are usually subjected to very high loads. And even if the camping vehicle is not used, it may also be harmful for tires.

If you didn’t use your motorhome or caravan in winter, examine the tires thoroughly before the first trip. If they have been exposed to frost (or sun) for a long time, bulges or cracks might have appeared on them. To protect your tires from the harmful effects of weather conditions, it’s best to cover them during a long standstill. In case of caravans, a good solution would be to remove the wheels for the period, in which they aren’t used.

Before the first spring or summer trip you also have to check the tread depth and the condition of the gum. The tire should be worn evenly, and none of its elements should protrude above the surface.

What tires for camping?

If you’re considering buying tires for motorhome or caravan, better don’t be suggested only by the price. First of all, tires should match in terms of their load capacity. For example, the load index of 116 means that each wheel can be loaded with up to 1250 kg. Thus, with four wheels, such tires can be used in a vehicle with a permissible gross weight of 5 tons (1250 x 4).

When choosing tires for camping, in the case of caravans you should consider AT LEAST C class tires. From the assumption they are intended for trucks.

Reinforced XL tires may turn out to be good, because they’re extremely resistant to load and can reduce fuel consumption.

In case of camping vehicles (and caravans), the best solution is to purchase tires marked as "camping" or "Camping Pneu" (CP). Such tires have a special design that prevents their deformation. Camping tires are also more resistant to situations, in which the vehicle is standing in one position under heavy load for a longer period of time. Tourist tires have an extra cord weave, which increases their load capacity and reinforces the edges.

What do manufacturers propose?

In Poland tires for motorhomes and caravans are offered by brands Michelin and Continental.

According to the manufacturer, tire Agilis Camping from Michelin is characterized by long life and durability. Technology "Durable Contact Patch" used at it production allow to achieve an optimum contact with the ground. As a result, the tire doesn’t wear that much.

Agilis Camping has a reinforced internal structure. The use of double carcass, as well as 8 protective reinforcements in the side of the tire allowed to increase the resistance to abrasions and deformations.

The rubber compound is adapted for use in a wide temperature range. These tires can therefore be used both in the summer and winter.

In turn, Continental proposes VancoCamper tires that meet the "CP" standard.

According to the manufacturer, this design provides a very good tightness and durability, which reduces the pressure drop during multi-day stops. This resulted in a reserve load capacity that can be used for additional luggage without exposing the rear axle to excessive loads.

The tire is resistant to profile deformation and mechanical damages. Its sides are protected by a rigid structure that provides a strong, transverse support for the axles. An additional reinforcement is a solid rubber compound, thanks to which the tread wears more slowly than in conventional tires.

So if we have the opportunity, it’s best to use tires designed specifically for the camping conditions. However, the absolute minimum are C-class tires.