Jayco Swan Outback

Travel safely with your whole family - Trailer Jayco Swan Outback

American company Jayco appeared on the market in 1975, and now is one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. Where to look for sources of success? Perhaps in affordable prices, interesting projects or family amenities, on which Jayco is so focused. Trailer Swan Outback is undoubtedly a combination of these three factors.

Technological solutions

When folded it looks simple, but that is only an illusion - the caravan is able to accommodate from 5 to 8 people and offers 7 different stories that can be used depending on individual needs. The configuration of Outback Swan is quick and easy, thanks to an appropriate lift system, which minimizes the effort. The manufacturer has used a special quad construction technology that allowed for the construction of stronger but lighter walls. We should also emphasize the quality of construction materials. Part of the tent is made of a special canvas from Australian brand Bradmil, which uses double stitching and computer cutting. In the construction of the roof the manufacturer used one piece of glass fiber.

Jayco advertises its caravans primarily as the best solution for traveling families, so safety issues are extremely important for the manufacturer. In Swan Outback he decided for suspension J-TECH, which allows for very precise handling and increased comfort. In addition, the Australian company used an electronic stability system (AL-KO Electronic Stability Control), which controls the rocking and instability of the caravan. Tires are inflated with nitrogen, so that they are more durable and lower the fuel consumption.

Equipment & Options

Caravan Jayco may not offer the most luxurious and designer interiors, but is facilitated in basic equipment. On the back there’s a large, "queen size" bed, (1430 mm wide), in the kitchen we can find a fridge with freezer from Thetford and stove with oven. Lounging area was made of antibacterial foam Dunlop, which is characterized by high elasticity and durability. In addition, the Australian manufacturer offers Euro Style furniture and LED lighting. Unfortunately, we won’t find the toilet facilities, while outdoor shower is only available as an option. We also have to pay extra if we want such facilities as awnings, air conditioning, outdoor grill, solar panel or roof rack.

Not only mobile

Swan Outback is has some drawbacks, however, is still gaining more fans. It’s a caravan, which will be perfect for families who decide to start their travelling adventure. Although it’s designed primarily for summer, short trips, you can also use it in another way. In the garden it can be successfully used as an additional space for rest and relaxation.

New caravan will cost approximately 20-40,000 Australian dollars, we should also pay attention to the slightly older models, which are available at very attractive prices.

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