Tribute T-720

Tribute T-720 - high funcionality for the whole family

Motorhome Tribute T-720 is a model that will surely appeal to travelling families or a group of friends. The use of a large amount of facilities on such a small area (the car is 7m long) is probably the greatest asset of the vehicle produced by the British brand.

Technical specifications

The motorhome Tribute-720, built and designed in Grimsby by the company Auto-Trail, is currently one of the most popular models in the UK. Among the competing brands it’s mainly distinguished by the use of Ford Transit as the base, thanks to which the motorhome maintains a greater stability on the road (the rear wheels extend across the entire width of the body), and also has a much cheaper service. The four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.2 liter turbo-diesel and manual, six-speed gearbox were appreciated by many drivers. Another advantage is the cruise control - a device that allows you to maintain a constant speed. Motorhome T-720 has been tested several times and each time received a high score for safety while driving. The manufacturer of the Tribute series has been famous for more exclusive motorhomes, but the latest model, T-720, surprises with its modern design and the amount of functional solutions.

The aesthetics

Nice style with plenty of natural light - this is how the inside of motorhome T-720 looks like, and is further finished with elements made of birch wood and granite. These contrasting shades give the interior an undeniable modernity, but are also a practical solution in this type of cars. The interior of motorhome T-720 is extremely bright, mainly due to the large windows, but also thanks to the built-in, LED lights.

The layout and functionality

The motorhome has two living rooms (smaller and bigger), so that the family can relax in really comfortable conditions. The front living room consists of a dining corner with seats on the sides for six people. The rear part of the motorhome can accommodate an additional four people. On the right side of the main door there’s a kitchen. Three gas burners and an oven with grill provide a plenty of opportunities during the preparation of meals. Next to it there’s a fridge freezer and sink. The kitchen has been designed in such a way so everything was within a reach when cooking. In the bathroom you can find a toilet, a small sink and a separate shower. The motorhome has three double beds. Not without a reason T-720 is called a family vehicle - it can accommodate even up to six people. It also has a large number of shelves (12). The standard lacks electric heating and a microwave, but you can order a motorhome in the extended package and enjoy additional facilities. Motorhome Tribute T-720 has a few tricks up his sleeve and one of them is certainly an optional value for money - less than £40,000.

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