Caretta TearDrop Trailer

TURTLE - British TearDrop trailer

Trailers in a teardrop-shape are not a contemporary idea. Such vehicles were already popular in the United States in the '50s of the last century. Usually, these were just the constructions made by avid Do-It-Yourselves. Today, however, you can simply just buy such trailer.

We’ve already written several times about teardrop trailers. We’ve mentioned them both when we wrote about the brave amateur constructor’s ideas, as well as when we were describing the vehicles from T@B. But there’s a lot more of companies, whose success is based on small, very rounded trailers. Today, we’d like to present another one.

A fashion for the new retro trailers has reached also to the UK. A distributor, who named his website simply as "Teardrop Trailers" would probably want to ensure that all the teardrop trailers were identified with his products. It’s worth noting, however, that the models sold by the company are not British products at all. In fact, these are just differently called vehicles from a Turkish brand Basoglu, who sells identical vehicles under the name Caretta.

Aluminum rims in the cheapest version

The cheapest model - Cargo Turtle – costs 4,295 pounds in the UK. The distributor recommends it as a mini garage for bicycles, as well as a trailer, which could come in handy for a windsurfer on the beach. The construction of the trailer was based on an insulated, galvanized frame, while in the suspension were used components of the popular brand Al-Ko. Aluminum rims are equally noteworthy.

The trailer is 3.4 m long, but without a shaft - 2.40 m. The total width is 1.70 m (including 1.20 m in the inside). The total height is 1.75 meters. Turtle weighs 293 kg. Inside you will find very modest equipment, limited only to a cabinet and mattress. A significant plus of this small teardrop is definitely a tilting sunroof.

Mini-version of comfort

Accommodation in a more comfortable environment is possible in Turtle 1200. For the price of 5,995 GBP we get - according to the distributor – an excellent value for money. In the kitchen area, which is accessed from the outside, there’s a set of locked cabinets, mini-table top, a fridge and one-burner electric stove.

Inside there’s also an electronic control panel for lighting and audio equipment. In a separate compartment you can find even a chemical toilet.

The total length of the trailer is 3.94 m (2.91 m without the shaft). The width and height are similar to the smaller model. What about the weight? It ranges from 290 to 440 kg.

Good for a family?

Turtle 1500 would be a symbol of luxury in this case. It’s offered in the price starting from 6.495 GBP. According to the distributor, this trailer is perfect for... a family trip. As we can read on the website: “Spacious interior offers a bed with a length of 1500 mm, ideal for those, who want luxury or some extra space for families with small children."

In Turtle 1500 apart from the equipment of the aforementioned models, we find a sink with the tap (which may also act as a shower) that is connected to the 60-liter canister with water. The trailer can also be equipped with a tank water level indicator.

The length of the trailer is 3.94 m (2.91 m), and its width is 2 m (1.5 m inside). The curb weight of the vehicle ranges from 445 to 615 kg.

To each trailer you can hook up a dedicated awning with vestibule, which increases the living space while on a campsite.

For a spontaneous trip

Why is it worth to pay some attention to these little trailers? They aren’t too big, nor the most functional. Nonetheless, they allow to fulfill the dream of independence and comfort.

Such trailer isn’t heavy, it won’t take too much place in a garage either. It's easy to connect to the car and spontaneously embark on a journey. And what about a place to sleep? The accommodation is guaranteed and, what’s important, free.

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2018.04.17 23:15
1500mm is not five feet, surely this the width