Knaus VAN TI

VAN TI - a basic motorhome from Knaus

Recently, Knaus attempts to present itself as an innovative company. The evidence of this is a conceptual caravan Caravisio, which was a real sensation during fairs in Düsseldorf, or a modular caravan Deseo. But Knaus also has in offer almost classical models, such as motorhome Van TI.

How does Knaus imagine his customers? The manufacturer of Van TI aims at young couples (or friends), who normally live in the city, but who like to embark on an adventurous journey on weekends or holidays. What we need here is the car, not too big to be able to move swiftly on the highway and on the winding streets of the city, and not too expensive. More than the appearance, matters the functionality, nonetheless both the furniture and appliances should be of a good quality.

A classic with modern accents

Living area may be arranged in the shape of the letter “L”, the interior - though not too big - can be divided into zones, and the chrome handles in two-tone cabinets give the classical furniture an impression of a modern elegance. There’re modern thermostatic faucets in the kitchen and bathroom.

As befits a modern camping vehicle, inside there’s enough light, thanks to a large number of LED lights, but also a large skylight in the front of the vehicle. There’s no alcove above the driver’s head which would cover the natural light, nonetheless it means that it’s not a vehicle for families with children. Each version of Van IT has an additional folding table top in the kitchen, which may facilitate the preparation of dishes. The table also unfolds.

A useful element is an outside heated service storage with clearly marked exits. Speaking of external elements, it’s worth to mention about an optional daytime running LED lights and fog lights, available in a set with cornering light system.

In two or in three

Van TI is available in four variants and two lengths - 599 and 668 cm. The model 550 D, 600 ME and 600 MEG has only two beds. In the first version it’s a double bed, in other versions- two single beds. There’s also a model 600 MG, which provides an accommodation for three people. In each car can travel up to four people, so if it wasn’t a matter of accommodation, you could go camping even in four.

All variants of Van TI have similar arrangements with kitchen, bathroom and separate sleeping zone. The standard goes with an external compartment for two gas cylinders, mini-garage (75x105 cm), 95-liter container for waste water and fresh water container with the same capacity, water pump, 3-burner gas stove, 108-liter fridge and preparation for TV installation. In the basic model there’s heating system Truma Combi 4, but the other versions are fitted with Truma Combi 6.

More for an extra charge

For an extra charge you can increase the capacity of fuel tank (from 90 to 120 l), install an air conditioning in the whole camper (the one in the driver's cab is a standard), but also install a heating sytsem Truma Combi E. The refrigerator can be exchanged for a bigger, with the capacity of 190 liters, equipped with a separate freezer. Some of the equipment is available in packages, for example TV package includes 19-inch TV, with the screen sliding out of the closet..

Knaus Van TI is available in Germany in price of 48,390 EUR. But is it worth buying? It may be a reasonable choice, but only if we are traveling in two or three people. There’re several solutions that make the camper a very practical vehicle for a couple or three friends. Maybe there isn’t too much of extravagance, but it’s a solid "piece" of a camper from a reliable brand.

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