Volkswagen T2

Volkswagen cucumber in a new way

Carefree travels, flower children, love, fun and ... Volkswagen T2. Do you also have such associations? If yes, the company Danbury MotorCaravans has a surprise for you.

Good old Volkswagen T2 wasn’t perhaps the most spacious camper in history, what’s more, it wasn’t at all designed for camping purposes, but it certainly had a lot of charm. Today, just like old Beetles, raises sentiments and is associated with the good old days that will never come back...

Really? British brand from around Bristol decided to combine useful and pleasure. Usually they convey newer models of Volkswagen (Caddy and T5), but lately the biggest hit is the new, however looking pretty familiar, model T2.

A bowl with a pump

T2 from the brand Danbury in the cheapest version costs 26 999 pounds. To convince undecided to purchase, the manufacturer provides 3 year warranty (although the warranty for the engine lasts only a year). The car is offered in 4- and 5-passenger version, and more modest Amigo.

Amigo is the cheapest version. In comparison to the modern campers the interior is not only modest, but even ascetic. Instead of the sink we find a plastic bowl, there’s a gas stove but only with one flame and, what may come as a surprise, a floor covered with maybe practical, but not so beautiful robber carpeting. The water is pumped manually from the container hidden in a cabinet (the pump resembles a typical kitchen battery). Even the typical modern LED lighting was replaced by oldschool fluorescent lamps. The only gust of luxury is provided by a quilted sofa, which can be transferred into a big bed, rather double, nonetheless it can also easily fit 3 persons…

A toilet in a pouffe

Going back in time doesn’t have to mean, that you have to resign from the comforts. And you know this right after getting into the 4- or 5- passenger version. Here we can find not only a "real" sink, but also an oven, refrigerator, two-burner gas stove with grill and even a toilet that you find after opening… a pouffe. Modular building allows for almost free arrangement of the interior- particular elements can be set in a suitable way. On the other hand, brightly colored furniture finish will remind us that we’re not in an ordinary car.

Both in Amigo version, as well as in those better equipped, there’s a folded table, and for an extra charge you can have a lifted roof.

Among the elements more typical for a camper, we can find many compartments (they’re placed under the bed), heated windscreen and a rear window, power supply of 240 V, and colorful curtains.

It’s worth emphasizing that the cars offered by Danbury are new and equipped in engines cooled by liquid. Volkswagens T2, still produced in Brazil, are equipped in engines of capacity of 1,4 liters and power of 80 km/h. The maximum speed reached by the new T2 is 135km/h, and the speed of 100 km/h is attained in 16 seconds from the start.

So let’s hit the road! All of other camper’s owners will surely look back when they see this car. And they will look with jealousy, because originality in this category is an enormous rareness.

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