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Terock is a motorhome based on T5 Rockston. German company Terra-Camper, which love to redo Volkswagens, presented what can be done with an apparently boring van.

The basis for Terock can constitute Volkswagen T5 in any configuration. Engine may have power of 83 to 180 HP, while the drive may concern only front, but also all four wheels. There are versions both with 5 and 6 gearbox. The longest models may measure even 5,292 mm, while the wheelbase may be increased even up to 3,400 mm.

Aluminum LEGO

The idea of Terock (as well as of other models from Terra-Camper) is based on modularity. Thanks to that, inside we will find something in the form of blocks. Each was made of aluminum, which makes that the vehicle is pretty light. And that in this case is particularly important, because with the curb weight of 2,850 kg and permissible gross weight of 3,200 kg, passengers have only 350 kg at their disposal.

All the necessary devices were hidden in orange boxes – including refrigerator, stainless sink, and 2-burner gas stove. Water container has a capacity of 40 or 80 liters. The equipment may also include a pressure pump and a boiler, which heats the water using fuel (water heats also while driving).

Seatbelts on rails

In the car we can find 5 seats. Those, in the passengers compartment may be easily dismantled (or mounted again) by one person. If they aren’t necessary, or when we want to carry a larger baggage, we can just take them out. The seats may rotate, so we can adjust them properly to the position comfortable for eating (at unfolding table), or in the way that is suitable for us. But what’s the most important, seats can be mounted in different places of the vehicle. There were prepared special belts for such circumstances, which can be shifted along the motorhome thanks the bottom rails.

Thanks to the modular building not only seats but also other devices can be shifted. For example sink, gas stove and shower may be used both inside, as well as outside (at the back of the motorhome). The case with the external shower is especially interesting. The manufacturer predicted a tent, which serves as a shower cabin. You just have to open the rear tailgate, and when it turns into a roof, you can extend a black screen around it, which protects against nosy people.

Rails also on the top

The equipment may also include a chemical toilet, though there’s no particular area designated for that. Nonetheless, there’re quite convenient compartments. In boxes, which serve as furniture you can place special fabric containers. Each such “cover” may fit few clothes.

The manufacturer really boasts of the EasyUse system. Its basis consists of rails leading above side windows. On them you can hang curtains, but also sachets with tools, cosmetics or other trinkets, hangers for towels, or bags for clothes. In turn, on the other rail you can mount LED lamp, flashlight or camera. To a power source which is integrated with the rail you can connect, for example, a shaver.

Terock is offered with different types of roofs. We can choose among version with hardened fold up roof, fold up material roof, and a standard version. In models with fold up roof we gain a place to sleep “on the floor”. Unfolding mattress has 130x200 cm. The manufacturer allows to arrange a place to sleep in the bottom part of the motorhome.

No such thing as standard

The basic T5 Rockston costs 42,600 EUR, but the selection of the equipment is only up to the customer. Completing the suitable equipment you can easily reach the price of 110,000 EUR. And then, you get a car with floor heating, parking sensor, solar panels and pneumatic suspension.

If such price is O.K., Terock is surely worth your attention, at least because of the flexibility of the offer. The car looks like a simple van, but during a long journey it will prove, that it has a lot more to offer.

To find out more, please visit Terra-Camper website

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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