VW Caddy Tramper

VW Caddy Tramper - a motorhome for every day

It would seem that the cars (with few exceptions) do not have a chance to prove themselves in the role of the budget motorhome. Yes - for years there has been a variety of travelling versions of the Volkswagen Transporter Travel, Opel Vivaro and others. Unfortunately – very high prices and size - disqualify them from being used as an everyday car.

Interesting solution, which is a combination of a typical passenger car and budget motorhome for two people, is offered by Volkswagen. Produced in Poland, Poznan Caddy model for several years serves many users as a typical family car or a van. Among the many available versions, Tramper deserves our attention.

Every day motorhome

Taking economics into consideration, the most sensible engine offered is a 105-horsepower diesel 1.6 (previously 1.9) TDI consumes a small amount of fuel. Already in the series Caddy configuration as any Mini MPV, provides a very spacious interior, which seat five adults along with a large luggage.

The interior created with the aim of active tourism Tramper almost doesn’t differ from other varieties - with the exception of colourful upholstery. Manufacturer on a long list of paid option offers a lot of interesting extras that might be useful not only during the holiday travel. Automatic dual-zone air conditioning, heater, navigation, heated front seats, and a panoramic sunroof – all of this raises the final price to 110 000 zł.

A motorhome for two

Only after opening of the boot we know the true nature of the Caddy Tramper. Behind the rear seat in place of the cavernous trunk a rollaway bed is provided with dimensions 1,1x2 m, and allocated below it you will find a number of storage spaces for the rest of the tourist equipment, but about that in a moment.

VW Caddy Tramper

The transformation of the glass cabin in a double bedroom cabin takes not more than 10 minutes. Just put down the rear seats and the front seats, spread the frame with mattress, and at the end hung on the side windows closable functional shelf (previously hidden in containers under the bed). Rear and front windows can certainly be covered by dark shutters, isolating ourselves from the environment.

Unfortunately - in this configuration, we have to put up with a severely restricted living space. For some users, that height of the bed may be a significant impediment – since the bed is almost on the line of the side windows.

Enlarging the interior

If the weather conditions are right, we can in a few moments enlarge the usable area of our camper. In one of the bags, a tent is hidden. What's interesting - the whole textile design is based only on the trunk lid being open. Unfolding operation is child's play: we plug the tent in the guides and clamps placed on the car, and then use the traditional lines and keeps to tense up the tent, are two entrances that are opened by zips. The biggest drawback is the lack of the tent floor.

Tourist facilities

In addition to a comfortable place to sleep, Volkswagen also took care of thoughtful extras, useful during rest. In the trunk occupied by the bed and storages we will also find two foldable chairs and a table. They are made of aluminium and plastic components, which translate into their low weight.

VW Caddy Tramper can serve us every day can serve us as a full passenger car – it’s enough to just fold the bed and other accessories.

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