WEINSBERG CaraCompact Glut

Weinsberg CaraCompact leaves no choice

CaraCompact is a new model of semi-integrated motorhome from Weinsberg. As for now, this camping car, for which the base is new Fiat Ducato, will come only in one variant.

CaraCompact may look like a compact vehicle, and even a little "muscular". Its silhouette is very proportionate thanks to a relatively small width - 220 cm. The width of the interior amounts 205 cm. The car is 674 cm long, and its height amounts 272 cm (inside - 200 cm).

Permissible gross weight is standard, and amounts 3.5 tons. The maximum load capacity is 740 kg.

With unfolding worktop

In the variant, which for now will be the only one available, there’re two single beds placed in the rear of the vehicle, as well as a sizable garage. What’s interesting, access to the storage compartments placed beneath high suspended beds (measuring 196 x 80 cm) is facilitated by the presence of the blinds moved aside.

The kitchen, with a gas stove and sink, is small, but it can be enlarged with an additional folding part. Under the worktop there’re large, soft closing drawers.

Also, a table was placed between the driver and passenger seats, while double sofa has an extra element enabling to enlarge its surface.

In the car, there’s of course a bathroom with shower - not too big, but fits in everything what’s needed.

Lots of shelves

The interior looks modern and aesthetically due to both small things such as solid handles and practical solutions in the form of a large number of open shelves. The whole interior looks even better thank to the LED lighting.

WEINSBERG CaraCompact Glut

The equipment of CaraCompact includes, among others, a 149-liter fridge, 110 liter fresh water container and 95 liter waste water container, but also a gas heating system Truma Combi 4 with 10-liter boiler. Some equipment packages are also available with LED strips placed above the cabinets and under the worktop.

Valves available outside

The vehicle has a fairly conventional construction. The walls are "sandwiches" that use polystyrene and aluminum. Glass fibers were used in the construction of the roof, which apart from that was made of plastic GfK and is also insulated.

From the outside CaraCompact isn’t too impressive – it’s aesthetic, but certainly not extravagant. A very convenient access to valves of onboard devices, all of which are appropriately marked, should be appreciated.

The basic version of the car costs 43,990 euros in Germany, but the manufacturer gives you the opportunity to enrich the vehicle with additional packages. They include, among others, a heated and insulated waste water container, alloy wheels, LED daytime lights and reversing camera.

As for now, CaraCompact is only available in one version, but the manufacturer is already working on new variants and new interior layouts.

During the Caravan Salon 2014 in Dusseldorf, the WEINSBERG brand will present the showcar CaraCompact “Glut” with its optically striking design.

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