Westfalia Clumbus

Westfalia Columbus - a reasonable choice

The market of motorhomes is full of products suited to different expectations and financial capabilities of customers. Not every caravanning enthusiast needs a motorhome with alcove, full-sized bathroom and a separate seating area. For some clients (less demanding and with smaller budget) manufacturers have predicted compact motorhomes, based on classic delivery vans.

One of the models available on the market is Westphalia Columbus. For most of us, the German manufacturer is known mainly from a truly tourist variation on Volkswagen Transporter, created for an active tourism. As it turns out – this brand’s portfolio is much wider. Columbus, like the majority of motorhomes of this kind, was based on Fiat Ducato. From the outside, this small motorhome has unique stickers, vents, numerous tinted and tilt side windows and a sliding step. All of this distinguishes it from a delivery car.

A model of ergonomics

The interior of a bigger Westfalia model presents an exemplary ergonomics. Driver’s cab enables you to cover several hundred kilometers without much fatigue. The dashboard with analog clocks and a computer screen form a coherent whole. In terms of accessories, we can count on automatic air conditioning, electric windows and even navigation - very useful during a vacation trip. Front, large seats are equipped with two independent armrests, what's more – when the car is parked, they can be turned towards the inside.

See the interior

You can get inside the mobile home through a wide, sliding door. Here, a very helpful accessory is a sliding stair. After opening the door we see a rectangular table that, if necessary, can be enlarged. Behind the table there’s a double sofa – of course enriched with headrests and seatbelts. Also, under the ceiling there’s an additional space for functional shelves and a small cabinets. What's interesting - two sleeping places arise after unfolding the "platform" in place of the couch and table. If necessary, we wall off the other residents of the campsite with curtains. Over the seating area there’s a sunroof. On the opposite side of the interior, as in other motorhomes, you can find a kitchenette with gas stove, refrigerator, sink and cabinets for kitchen accessories.

Time to relax

Further in the interior the manufacturer provided a compact toilet, double bedroom, as well as nice storage compartments. In a locked bathroom we have a chemical toilet and a sink with cupboards and other facilities. At the very back of the vehicle we have a double bed or two separate sleeping places. Under them we can store our necessary tourist equipment.

Before buying you should carefully consider your expectations. A list of additional options and possibilities of interior design is quite long. We can always ask for help a specialist that works at Poznan dealer of Westfalia brand the CarGo!

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