What kind of heating

Modern caravans, and especially campers, are already equipped with an adequate heating systems. If, however, you must take care of an appropriate purchase we provide you some useful information.

Heating devices should be adapted both to the method of use of a camping vehicle as well as to its size. The rule is simple – small heaters are enough for small caravans, but the biggest ones should be installed in large caravans and campers. And so, among the most popular gas heaters on the market are those from German company Truma, with the smallest model S2200. It uses from 30 to 280 grams of propane-butane per hour and produces rated thermal power determined on 1,850 W.

It’s not much when compared with larger models. S3004 heats with the power of 3500 W, while using the same amount of gas as S2200. On the other hand, model S5004 is able produce the heat of a power of 6000 W, while using 60 to 480 g / h.

Aesthetes will probably be interested with the fact that, while the S2200 has a rather archaic appearance, the larger models were adapted to modern design used in high-end caravans and campers.

Fast heating is possible thanks to air blowers connected to the heating device. They enable fast heat distribution throughout the vehicle, and when it’s too hot, they can be also be used for ventilation.

In camping vehicle you can also have a hot water. It’s possible thanks to connecting the external boiler, or a device "two in one". Here, the solutions proposed by Truma company are again the best.

Model Combi 4 is a combination of heater and a hot water boiler with the capacity of 10 liters. Rated thermal power is determined for max. 4000 W. The device is powered by propane-butane, but sometimes it also uses the current of 12V.

If the device is used only for heating the water, then the water heats up from 15 to 60 degrees in about 20 minutes. If, at the same time, it’s used for heating the vehicle, the time of heating of water extends to about 80 minutes. The same effect is gained by using a model Combi 6 (also has the capacity of 10 liters ), while its rated thermal powert can be set to 2000 W, 4000 W and 6000 W.

What’s important, the temperature can be smoothly adjusted by the dial. These devices can operate in either summer or winter mode. If you set Combi 4 or 6 to summer mode, then only the water is heated, while setting it on winter mode, then also the heater is working. The heating of the interior works also if you run out of the water in boiler.

An interesting solution can also be a model Combi D6, which is powered by diesel oil. Its features are almost identical as in the model Combi 6. In the standard mode of operation (1000 W) it uses 110 ml of diesel oil per hour. But because it has a power up to 6000 W, the overall consumption may vary in the range from 220 to 630 ml/h.

It’s also worth to mention about the accessories. A reducer may be useful, because when you run out of gas in one cylinder, the gas will automatically be taken from the other cylinder. It’s also possible to purchase a camping ... fireplace, with fake flames, which look like the real ones. In fact, it doesn’t cause any danger. Remote control allows you to adjust the size of the flames and the sound of crackling wood.

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