Wingamm Micros

Wingamm Micros - VW motorhome in an Italian way

A motorhome with a length of 5,30 m with full equipment? Wingamm Micros is exactly such vehicle – not too big, well-equipped, and based on Volkswagen T5.

Volkswagen T5 is used as a base for camping vehicles very rarely. The more surprising may be the fact that while most European brands relies on Fiat Ducato, brand from Italy decided to bet on Volkswagen!

In one piece

And Italians? Oh those aesthetes. So, before we start judging the functionality of Micros, we should admit that this car presents really attractive. The car body made of fiberglass neatly fits the rest of the vehicle.

The whole camping part of the body was made as one casting, which is a guarantee of tightness and stability. Moreover, the insulation was made of polyurethane foam. Doors leading to the living area were equipped in original door handles and locks from Volkswagen – thanks to which you can open all doors with the central lock.

Outside we can find a compartment for gas bottle – doors leading to it compose nicely with the rest; they don’t look as if they were put there by force. Additional compartment was placed in… the rear bumper.

A little bit of technique

Wingamm Micros is offered with 2-liter, 140 HP TDI engine and a dual-clutch transmission DSG. Thanks to that the car is very elastic and dynamic, though unfortunately it sometimes burns enormous amounts of fuel. Even when driving quite economically you have to be aware with fuel consumption of about 9,5l/100km.

The vehicle can fit 2,3 or 4 people. Permissible gross weight is 3,200 kg, and a permissible load – 540 kg.

Two burners, two beds

Aesthetics is a matter of taste, though in my opinion the interior of Wingamm Micros is nicer than of many German motorhomes. The combination of smooth, white surfaces with wooden fronts creates a very interesting composition.

The sink was created as a hole in a fiberglass tabletop. The gas stove consists of two, independent burners. There’s also a quite big table top, where you can prepare meals. The kitchen is very big, when we take into consideration the overall size of the motorhome, but the capacity of fridge is only 60 liters.

The main bed (1970 x 1340 mm) is suspended from the ceiling. If you want to use it, you have to lower it. In such circumstances, moving inside the motorhome might be a bit hard, but still you can use the kitchen, or one of the sofas next to the table. Dining area can as well be turned into bed (1900 x 1200).

Though the motorhome isn’t too big, it managed to fit in a bathroom with window. Shower, washbasin, chemical toilet – maybe it’s a bit tight, but it has everything what’s necessary in a modern motorhome.

A mini-home

When buying Micros, we can expect that the equipment will include a floor heating, electronic control panel, 90-liter, heated container for sewage, and 100-liter, also heated container for fresh water. Big LED-lamps are really impressive.

Actually, this motorhome may surprise a lot of people. The space inside this apparently little vehicle is amazing. If we add to this the unusual aesthetics and well thought-out interior layout, it will turn out that this Italian camping vehicle is really worth our attention. This car costs in Germany 68,000 euro.

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2016.01.28 17:56
Super article which gives all the information needed on this superb vehicle