Child car seat

A child traveling in a motorhome - the legal requirements

During those several winter months many amateurs of caravnning start the preparation of holiday trips. Massive collection and replenishment of equipment, marking out the likely routes and parking places – it all bothers us the most. Every year thousands of families embark on a holiday trip with their children, which cause a whole lot of questions about both the equipment and regulations related to this very important issue.

What’s the rule?

When going on a summer escapade with your whole family and motorhome, you must first check the regulations that apply in countries you plan to visit. The speed, official formalities, road tolls – those are the most important information for drivers right next to the regulations related to children transportation. In the European Union and most other countries the law is pretty restrictive towards this subject. The youngest must travel in booster seats appropriate to their weight and height. The child must travel in a proper car seat until twelve years of age or until he or she is 150 cm tall.

In practice?

This, of course, has a reflection in everyday life. Safety belts installed in cars and motorhomes are suitable for adults. In a crisis situation, the belts could be dangerous for a small child. For this reason, the selection of the booster seat is such an important issue. Too big cannot guarantee a stable support when cornering or during an accident. Too small will create discomfort.

The market of booster seats is very big, which only hinders the selection of the highest quality product. You never should save money when it comes to the child safety. As shown by independent tests - seats of the lower price range don’t meet their taskthey move, and even break when overloaded. Very important is also the assembly of the seat in the car. Seating a child in the front seat let’s remember to place the booster seat so it faces the road, some manufacturers also recommend to turn off the passenger airbag. However, the best place to install the booster seat is the rear of the car. We have to mount it to the seat, according to the instruction of booster seat’s manufacturer, otherwise we risk that the seat moves and the child may fall out of it.