A nasty souvenir from holidays

A nasty souvenir from holidays

Usually, we associate holidays with rest, heat, sand and bare feet. Unfortunately, for a large group of people it’s also associated with stress and complexes related with... bare feet.

Title of the article is a bit perverse, as we are dealing with something that we can encounter everywhere, not just on vacation. However, it’s mainly the summer, when it doesn’t let us forget about it, forcing the affected people to make every effort to hide the signs of the disease. What we’re talking about? The fungus infection, an unpleasant and somewhat embarrassing affliction, which is considered one of the most dangerous modern diseases. And perhaps rightly so. According to statistics, nearly every second Pole suffers from athlete's foot, and every fourth - from nail fungus.

Ringworm - a lurking enemy

Our feet can be cracked, dry and calloused, however, problems such as corns and feet callus can be easily remedied with a decent scrub or pedicure. Another matter, when the skin of feet becomes red and itchy, with blisters, what gradually spreads to the next toes. Nails change color, they get thicker and begin to crumble. The skin decorticates, burns and hurts. In winter, the signs of tinea can be hidden in socks and shoes, but what to do in the summer? Tormenting your feet in covered shoes, provide ideal conditions for intensive development of the disease.

Nowadays, ringworm can be treated effectively (though it likes to come back ). The problem is so common that doctors have developed a few ways to get rid of it, starting with ointments, ending with the laser therapy. Nonetheless, just follow a few basic recommendations to avoid embarrassing situations in the summer, when you cannot wear flip flops or sandals, because your feet are covered with unsightly blisters and nails look simply... disgusting.

How to protect against ringworm?

Not without reason the shoe stores put a great emphasis on wearing socks, when trying on the shoes. Ringworm is very contagious, so you have to be vigilant. It applies also to lending footwear or towels - at home, on the beach or during the trip, as well as when together we rent a mobile home, bungalow or tent. Using camping showers, on no condition should you forget about wearing flip-flops. Also on the swimming pool you should be very cautious.

It’s not about getting into paranoia, but about applying to few rules. Best to learn from other’s mistakes. Thanks to this we can freely parade in flip flops during holidays in some hot country.



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