Barefoot through the world, IN SHOES THROUGH THE BEACH

What would you associate with the beach? Relaxation, holidays, golden sand, the sun, and brisk breeze from the sea – generally, all pleasures. Coastal villages are by far more popular in the summer than mountains, and the crowds of tourists besiege beaches, trying to get a nice, golden tan.

It won’t be a revelation to say that not all beaches are sandy. Some resorts have an access to pebbly and gravel beaches, on which it’s almost impossible to walk barefoot. There’re also parts of coastline with steep entrances to the water, and what's more, there’re plenty of sharp rocks or sea urchins hidden beneath its surface. If you're going to such places, you must remember about a proper footwear. Even more so, if you’re traveling with small children.

The beach is nice...

When you type “rocky beaches” in a search engine, ​​most results will apply to Croatia. We’ll find them in many other countries as well, including Greece, Turkey or Spain. When planning holidays abroad, it would be wise to firstly check, whether such type of beach is located somewhere near our hotel (or en route of our trip). Usually you can buy a proper footwear right on site, but you will overpay.

Your beach footwear may be just the simplest thongs, flip-flops, foam sandals or crocs, very fashionable at one time. Before hitting on the rocky beaches you should equip yourself in shoes with hard soles, which will protect the foot from injury and allow you to comfortably walk on uneven ground. Such footwear makes walking on this kind of beach much easier, but it’s also very useful in the sea, where you may encounter unpleasant sea urchins.

Stones, hot sand and slippery clay

When you’re on the beaches in Egypt or Italy you should particularly remember about shoes for kids – walking over the hot sands may result in sever burn.

Amazingly beautiful, though not entirely safe, are beaches with red sand. They have a gentle access to the sea and… a slippery bottom covered with clay. We can find such beaches, for example, in Greece, in Kefalonia. When going into the water, let’s not forget about the shoes.

Holidays in boots

Shoe companies have responded very quickly to the growing expectations of tourists. Nowadays, you can easily find models made ​​of hypoallergenic material, suitable even for sensitive and delicate feet. They protect against cuts, are very comfortable, and at the same time quite attractive. But the usual, cheap foam sandals will be good as well – it’s important to remember to take them on holidays.



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