Board games for the whole family

When the weather is beautiful, preparing meals at the campsite and the contact with nature can bring a lot of joy- after all, many of these facilities offers visitors greenery, peace and tranquility, as well as an access to the river, lake or even a swimming pool. But what if the weather isn’t too favorable?

One of the ideas to beat the boredom are board games. For many, the first inclination would probably be Monopoly or Scrabble - board games, which need no introduction. But there’s a lot more of other cool games, which clearly confirms that they didn’t go out of fashion.

What, if not Monopoly?

The first proposition for a rainy afternoon is Dobble, a game for those, who are quick and observant. It requires 55 round cards with 50 designs that need to fit together. On each of them there are 8 pictures of different sizes and colors. The game is easy and exciting, especially in the version, in which players get cards in hands and try to match them to the one that is on the table as soon as possible. The winner is the first, who matches the pictures and thus gets rid of all the cards. Dobble is a loud game, where players try to outshout and outrun each other. It doesn‘t require too much space - you can play in a tent, on a blanket, on a small table, literally everywhere.

Time's up! Family!

Another board game is Time's Up! Family, which is really liked by the adherents of rivalry. It requires the participation of at least two teams, whose task is to guess the names of occupations, animals or objects. There’re 220 cards, and 440 names. Each game lasts three rounds, and wins the person, who has the largest number of points. In the first round, the animator prompting his team can say any everything, in the other - just one word, while in the third – he can only present the word using gestures or sounds. What matters here is the astuteness and the ability to match facts quickly. The whole game is accompanied by lots of laughter.

If you have more space... can play one of the most popular board games in the world, which is Carcassonne. Every time is different, because there’s no standard board – it’s created during the game. Players in turn draw lots and put tiles with fragments of land at the table (a road, a meadow or a city). They place them next to the already existing ones, creating an expanding board. Each player has 7 pieces, and the player who scores the highest number of points wins.


What counts here is a good strategy and time - pieces are needed to get the next tiles. Players can compete or cooperate and create new objects.

There’s a whole bunch of board games on the market, and every family can find the suitable one. In conclusion, what really counts is not the time and place, but the company.

Dobble Time's up! Family! Carcassonne