Campsite packing

Campsite cosmetic tips

With every trip to the campsite we gather another clever ideas which make our stay easier. Portions of cosmetics, tricks with toilet paper and soap – there’s a whole bunch of concepts. You just have to discover them.

The simplest ideas are the best, but the hardest part is to hit on an idea. How to pack all the things that will provide us a pleasant stay in one backpack? How to keep the soap clean and dry in a tent? How to protect toilet paper against dampness?

Camper owners don’t have such problems - in this case their cosmetics are safely hidden inside the vehicle, so we don’t have to be afraid of the rain, nor of having them lost while packing. Those, who prefer sleeping in tents, often need to be more organized, resourceful and cautious. Mostly, because they have limited space, but also because they often carry their belongings on their backs and a skillful selection of things is very important for them. The less the better, but without going to extremes, so the trip doesn’t turn into an ascetic pilgrimage.

Toilet paper is one of those things that we just have to take with us - unless we intend to live in harmony with nature and, just like King Julian, wipe with the leaves. We often stuff it in a backpack, mercilessly squeezed (some, in order to save some space, break the roll in a half) and then throw it in the corner of the tent, where it quickly becomes damp. Meanwhile, it’s pretty easy to prevent this from happening, we just have to hide the roll in a plastic bag. It could even be a coffee can. Just make an oblong hole on the side, pull out a piece of paper and have an easy access to always dry leaves.

Minimalism rules!

There's a reason why people invented miniature shampoos, shower gels and lotions. They take very little space, so during holidays you can use them entirely and get rid of the packaging. Some cosmetics in mini versions we can prepare by ourselves, and add them to the camping kit. A good idea is to cut the soap bar with a knife or vegetables peeler. The flakes can be stored in special containers and used when necessary a campsite bathroom. This will save us the dubious pleasure of using a wet bar of soap, to which have stuck different kinds of tiny things (eg. sand). Of course, we can take a soap box, but for many travelers it’s just a superfluous luxury which takes a valuable place in their bagpacks.

We can also prepare portions of toothpaste. Instead of taking the whole tube under the tent, we pack a backpack with single "doses”, squeezed into drinking straws and cut into pieces. We burn each piece with lighter on both sides to close the “walls” - and its ready.

In cosmetic stores we will easily find miniatures of soap that doesn’t require the use of water. When we feel the need to wash our hands, we can squeeze a bit of soap on our hands and just wipe them. Another useful thing is a dry shampoo. Both cosmetics will be appreciated especially when there’re queues to camping showers, or when we’re camping in a place without the water access. Resourceful, easy to buy or to do - they’re very simple, but will make our stay at the campsite really pleasant.



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