Caravanning accessories

Caravanning accessories that are worth buying before the season

The vast majority of caravanning enthusiasts treats autumn and winter as a break between the seasons, and consider it as the perfect time to make all kinds of repairs, improvements and maintenance of caravans and motorhomes. Winter is also quite an ideal time for the start of preparations for the upcoming trips. Creating trip plans, stops and routes isn’t everything. With plenty of free time, we should also take care of useful equipment and travel accessories. If we buy it before the season, we can save a lot of money.

Complete the deficiencies in equipment

For many of us, almost every tourist season ends with losing part of the equipment - broken plates, glasses, burnt pots and pans - it's all can be easily replenished or we can just replace the entire tableware according to our personal preferences. Using the several months of the time it’s worth exchanging gas cylinders for new ones - full, thanks to what we can avoid nervous situations for a few days before the scheduled start of our summer escapades. Heavy use also reflects on the condition of the upholstery and bedroom accessories. Choosing the right color of bed sheets and other additives requires time.

Worth having

Before starting your preparations for the upcoming season full of trips, you should carefully prepare a list of accessories and elements of equipment which we already have, as well as those that will be useful. Having clearly defined needs and plans for future we’ll save some money – we’ll buy only the necessary equipment. When choosing a place, where we won’t be able to take advantages of the local power grid, we should consider taking our own power generator. During winter we’re able to buy one at really affordable price – but remember to check the dimensions of your new purchase.


No less important than the source of electricity are the recreational accessories. After all, we won’t spend warm nights and hot days hidden in a motorhome or caravan. Folding furniture - seats/chairs, a table, and even garden umbrella can be bought in a renowned shop with camping equipment or in a shopping mall. However, the main difference lies in the price. Shop offers renowned, high-quality products of top manufacturers, while shopping mall – shoddy equipment from Far East.

When completing the necessary accessories for vacation, we must remember about very important issues, such as dimensions and curb weight. As we know, every motorhome and caravan has a specific load capacity, while the number of storage places is very limited. For this reason, we should firstly check how much we can actually buy.

Caravanning accessories Caravanning accessories Caravanning accessories Caravanning accessories Caravanning accessories