Scrambled eggs on campsite

Clever camping tricks!

Necessity is the mother of invention, and the best ideas pop into our heads accidentally (the bump on Newton’s head might be an evidence of that). Those, who in childhood watched MacGyver’s adventures with fascination, can apply several interesting patents during the holidays at the campsite. Not only their vacation will be more pleasant, but they’ll also make an impression on friends.

Evening by the fire

If during our stay at a campsite, we would like to spend the evening by the fire, we can add to there a little bit of sage. Its aroma will keep the mosquitoes away, allowing us to enjoy the moment - without having to fight with insects. Not everyone has an access to fresh sage, so it’s good to think about it while completing the spices before holidays.

Another clever trick is a home-made tick repellent. Simply mix the tea tree oil with water in a 1:2 ratio, pour it into the spray bottle and spray it over the shoes, socks and pants cuffs. Equally interesting option is to store the matches in a plastic box with a piece of sandpaper on it.

Convenient and comfortable sleep - foam mats

It's a useful advice not for those traveling with a motorhome, but for tourists who prefer to spend their holidays in a tent. But we don’t know how would we like to spend our holidays in a year, two, or ten. To increase the comfort of sleeping in a tent place a foam mat or a beach mat under the sleeping bag. Imagine the comfort of sleeping on such a mat - sometimes in the morning we wake up next to the mats, not on it, yet comfortable foam mats allow us to make ourselves comfortable and adopt any position without the risk of "hanging". Buying a few will allow us to make the whole “flooring” in the tent. Although it may sound funny, we can buy mats for children, which serve babies to learn to crawl. If we additionally place a bubble wrap under the tent, we’ll feel like on a comfortable bed. There’s no possibility to sleep bad.

A clever way to illuminate the interior of the tent is putting a torch to… a bottle filled with water. Liquid refracts the light, and becomes a kind of bulb. Pretty genius, isn’t it? Another interesting concept is to store spices in a Tic-Tac boxes. If someone likes this pellets can bear in mind this tip.

Feel like MacGyver

There’re dozens of such simple yet clever ideas. They significantly facilitate the stay at the campsite, so try it out. And who knows, maybe they will become a mandatory part of our holiday "ritual"?


2014.04.07 16:43
Indeed clever! Nice :)